Monday, December 5, 2011

Things that Made Me Smile Today (1-10)

The last time I went to a secondhand bookstore, I saw a small but very thick book entitled 14,000 Things to be Happy About. It’s basically just a dictionary-long list of simple things that can make you smile. My friend Venus tried to coax me into buying it, but I only promised myself to purchase two new books that day, and I already have Poetry to Heal Your Blues and The Hobbit. So I left, promising silently that I’ll come back for the book.

But then a thought struck me—why not make my own version of it? It seems like a good idea. I read somewhere that the author said once it’s amazing how her own way of paying attention, taking note of the little things, and collecting the words to describe them has found its way into more than one million hands. While I don’t exactly want to trudge in her footsteps, I guess it can help me improve in being a better wordsmith…that, and I also get to not take little things for granted. :)

Here’s the first ten things that made me smile today:
  1. The jacket I borrowed from my half-sister and its warmth on my skin, shielding me from the cold weather today.
  2. The three dog trinkets with bobbing heads, ones that you usually see on the dashboards of cabs. They’re supposed to be for my father’s car, but my mother let me have them. I perched them atop a stack of books at the foot of the bed. They remind me of my father every time I wake up (he works in Tarlac during weekdays so we only get to see him on weekends), and when I poke their heads with my finger, I also wish for my father’s safety wherever he goes. Last night he wasn’t able to go home because of Belenismo (some kind of Christmas event in Tarlac). It was his voice that woke me up today, and the first things I saw were these cab trinkets at my feet.
  3.  Sister time! Jokes, stories, and banters were exchanged while we’re doing the laundry. It’s rainy today, but laughter makes everything warm.
  4. The steady hum of the dryer when I put my weight against it so it wouldn’t shake like a berserk machine from some sci-fi flick.
  5. The pink Sony headset I still use even if one of its earpieces doesn’t work anymore.
  6. Page 597 of A Game of Thrones by George R. R. Martin. It’s taking me forever to finish this book but I’m enjoying it very much.
  7.  Mother helping me prepare my clothes for tomorrow. :) Have to have extra because Chung Dahm Philippines tutorial training starts! Part-time won’t hurt, I reckon.
  8.  TV time! The whole family guessing answers to questions in Who Wants to Be a Millionaire.
  9. Finally finding a way to reduce byte size of GIFs! I created fic-fodder photosets for my fandom Tumblr. :)
  10.  My usual hot chocolate before bed time. I don’t put sugar—I instead empty two full sachets of powdered chocolate into my mug. :p


  1. What a lovely idea! I truly think the way to happiness is to appreciate the every-day things of life, rather then the big events. I would love to read that book. I imagine there are some great ideas and tips in it!

    What happens on Page 597 of A Game of Thrones by the way? I'm curious.

  2. IKR! I just started doing this yesterday and I kind of wished I started doing this a long time ago. In a way it also boosts my moods up when I'm feeling down or stressed, and now that I notice it, it's also a way of keeping a bullet-point type of what-happened-to-you-today entry. Heehee!

    Oh, nothing much! Page 597 is just the page I stopped on last night (it's after Daenerys was almost poisoned by a wineseller). It's a little thing to remind myself that even if I'm so busy nowadays, I still don't forget to read a matter how slow. Haha!