Tuesday, December 6, 2011

A (Supermini) Banquet of Hearts and Stars


When there’s too much work to finish and I’m still not done by 12AM, I shift into this little midnight kitchen ghoul and raid our refrigerator. Come on, I need some energizer! Haha. Photo above was taken weeks ago, but I’m still having my mini midnight banquets on my bunk up to now. In fact I’m chewing a bit of drummet (portmanteau of chicken drumstick and nugget) at this very moment.

I’m not frying the nuggets because it’s too noisy (yep, it’s that the popping sound of hot oil and the din of the utensils—someone else could handle the latter, but not a klutz like me). Instead, I’m heating everything in the oven. I’m pretty sure my mother and sister can hear the clamor of steel against glass as I prepare my hot chocolate, but they leave me be. They know it’s my time of the day—everybody sees me as the nocturnal one, lol.

Sometimes I miss the nights when we’re having dinner together. It’s already past dinner time when I go home everyday, and often they’ll just leave me some viand and rice; sometimes three slices of pizza. But I guess I should sacrifice something like that, for the sake of other things…


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