Thursday, December 29, 2011

Of Wolf Hats and Cyber-High Fives

I posted this Nerdfighter-esque GPOY at my Tumblr a couple of hours ago. It’s sort of a brief not-so-dramatic thank-you post to everyone who made my year enjoyable and meaningful online (I’ll devote a separate post for those who did in RL).  I figured there are also some people here who contributed to a long happy year I had in the info superhighway, so I’m cross-posting and that’s how I roll.

Here it is! Nerdfighters who have read John Green’s Looking for Alaska (or at least know Takumi and his fox hat) and George R. R. Martin’s A Game of Thrones will get it right off the bat, but the last message is for everyone. :p

LAST GPOY OF THE YEAR. So Takumi Hikohito has the legendary fox hat? Behold, dudes and dudettes—I got myself a wolf hat. I like to think of it as the direwolf hat. No one can catch the mother-effing direwolf. Especially if her name is Nymeria nudge, nudge, Game of Thrones fans, and if she is Takumi’s fox’s first cousin once removed. Or something like that.

LOL. Anyway, thank you for a year full of recs, reviews, raves and rants! There’s nothing like chatting with and cyber-high-fiving people who can relate to my nerdery. So yeah, fellow nerdfighters and bookworms and all kinds of geeks out there, let’s continue to decrease world suck in our own little ways! And of course—


Believe it or not, the GIF and the acronym depict more meaning and words than the first four paragraphs of this post. Anyway, this may be a farewell entry of some kind, but it won’t be my last book-related post this 2011—why, I’ll still pick the books that rocked my year! :p


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