Monday, December 12, 2011

Just a heads up!

I’m not posting “Ten Things that Made Me Smile Today” on this blog anymore…but no, I won’t stop writing them. I just figured it would be nicer and more orderly if they have their own place, not just being interspersed with my random ramblings, rants, and raves here at Blogspot. Yep, I created a new site just for them at Livejournal. They’re now being housed at A Teacup of Stars.

The site won’t be exclusive for the lists, though. I’m quite positive I’ll have no choice but to publish other things in it, like non-GW fanfics and entries as answers for writing challenges. More of the latter, I think, since challenges at comms—the table prompts, to be specific—are so tempting.

I have to admit, Livejournal is more interactive than Blogspot. There are LJ communities that let you post on their sites, as long as you agree to follow the rules usually enumerated on their profile pages. I joined and participated in many LJ comms back when I was in college, and in the process I made lots of friends from all around the world (some of them reconnected with me via my fandom tumblr). Tumblr is an amazing social microblogging site, but some of its groups could never rival my favorite LJ comms. That’s why I’m going back there.

Here’s a screenshot of A Teacup of Stars:

Things that made me smile

One of the many things I love about Livejournal is that there are a helluva lot of pretty premade layouts and themes, most of them you can get for free and are very easy to tweak. The theme for A Teacup of Stars is created by another LJ user, and she’s letting other users snag it. I love this one because that mermaid on the header looks like she’s floating on the clouds, not showcasing some kind of surface tension on the sea. I have a poem that talks of “a mermaid of the clouds that cradles the stars in her palms.” :)

The only edit I can do to the header is keying in the shadowed title of my blog (it’s plain originally). I attempted to add star clip-arts, but they only made the header look messy (not to mention cheap) so I undid the whole thing. Haha!

If you’re on LJ too, please don’t hesitate to add me! And while you’re at it and you’re a GW fan, do check out my fanfic journal. It’s called Spaceheart:


The simple layout for this site is from a layouts comm. I altered about three quarters of the original theme that resulted into this. Since the site is exclusive for my GW fanfics, I thought of putting a GW-centric header and a body theme that coincides with the feel of the header. That’s Quatre and Trowa you see at the top.

So yeah, that’s about it. :p You’re still free to see my lists of little inanities that can twist my frowns into smiles, and also read the things I’ve spun from the shows I loved.

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