Wednesday, December 21, 2011

GW-Sandman Crossover

You know why my fandoms are awesome? Because they click together. Not so long ago I posted here a squee-inducing Hunger Games-Gundam Wing character analogy for Quatre Winner and Peeta Mellark. Now it’s time for a mix of my favorite GW and The Sandman!

I know I’ve posted this at my fandom tumblr already, but there’s no harm of spreading the love! Especially that I know some of you people are Gaimaniacs too. :p


Endless-Ensemble Male Pilots by Izumi. So I decided to check out the links on all the fanarts at FYGW and reacquainted myself with this GW-addiction site, which I never really explored before. I can barely contain my squee (and fangirly keysmashing) when I saw this crossover fanart—Gundam Wing and Neil Gaiman’s The Sandman, two of my favorite things together! 

The pilots are depicted as the Endless: that’s Wufei as Destruction, Trowa as Despair, Treize as Desire, Zechs as Destiny, Heero as Dream/Morpheus, Quatre as Delirium (formerly Delight), and Duo as (duh!) Death.

And while I’m at it, let me rec some crossover fics too, all by the awesome Cozzybob. You don’t have to know The Sandman graphic novels to understand the fics (I strongly recommend reading the series in your free time, though—I promise you, it’s amazing! Gaiman is the man!):
  • Death Takes One. Heero dies. Death takes him home.
  • Death Speaks to Death About Death. Death pays Duo a visit shortly after Heero’s sudden departure from the mortal coil, and the two have a face-off. 2/1 implied
  • Death Meets One Billion and Six. Zechs drifts in space waiting to die, but unfortunately, nothing ever works for Zechs the way he plans them.
  • Desire and Dorothy Meet the Zero System. Desire pays Dorothy a visit while she’s hooked to the Zero System. 6xD-ish (this one’s my favorite…what can I say, my Dorothy Bias Alarm went off again)
  • Delirium. Quatre meets Delirium of the Sandman verse when his sanity cracks in his time with ZERO. drabble

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