Thursday, December 8, 2011

Doodles Galore (Books Arts and Whatnots)

"There should be Plan B" has always been my unwritten rule and it applies to everything that I do, whether it concerns online things or really serious real-life quandaries. Speaking of the former, I make it a point to put up back-up blogs, in fear that my main account will go down along with all my entries in it. I don't know what I'll do if that happens...I love all my writings like I may love real babies.

But my heart's not limited to my written work. I also cross-post all my doodles from my Tumblrs (yep, got two) to this blog, no matter how sketchy or "unclean" they seem to be. Clicking through all the entries from last month in my blogger’s archives, I discovered I haven’t created back-ups of everything at all! Here I'm cramming some of the aforementioned jape of an artwork set I forgot to re-post, plus few notes about them:

DFTBA: It's John Green's Fab Five!
JG's books

That’s Looking for Alaska, An Abundance of Katherines, Paper Towns, Will Grayson, Will Grayson, and The Fault in Our Stars (to be released next year).  Hank Green, John Green's brother, reblogged this set from me and said they're pretty! That's one small nerdfighter trophy I got there, haha. These books mean so much to me because they practically got me on a non-SF young adult binge reading, and they inspired me in more ways than I expected.

Book Hoardersbook hoarder

I drew this for my “Book Hoarder’s Dilemma” post a week ago and then shared it to my Tumblr friends. Somehow I’m not surprised that most of them have the same experience. There were like, half a hundredfold echoes of "this drawing and the description is totally the story of my life" and "oh my god this is so me!" or "this is why I can't borrow books from libraries."

My favorite comments are the ones that pointed out how they've read everything in the picture. Gads, they are all my literary soulmates, haha! The two-line remark by heartisakaleidoscope made me feel giddy for some reason:  "This is basically what I do. And omigoodness I’ve read pretty much everything in this. (Do I spot Jane Eyre back there under Heidi?!?)" They can even recognize the ones that only show half the title! We’re all carriers of this bibliophiliac virus, and I’m happy about it! It makes me feel like I’m not alone.

Happy Birthday Debbie!Debbie

Drawn for my friend Debbie’s 21st birthday, I posted this on my fandom tumblr and on her Facebook wall. I’m a desperately broke girl at that time and all I could afford is a sincere greeting and a little drawing of her profile picture. :)

Mr. Owly de Mustache
owl drawing

Another Tumblr peep dropped me a wee message at my AskBox asking if I can draw an owl with a mustache. I’ve never created anything like that in my whole life before so I just went (not without a nonchalant expression and a shrug) “let’s try!” Turned out I can. At first I’m worried he doesn’t look like an owl at all, but everyone’s saying he does.

OT3: TrowaxDorothyxQuatreOT3

I doodled this little piece a couple of years ago, and I just enhanced the texture and the color before posting it on my fandom Tumblr. It’s Trowa, Quatre, and Dorothy from the anime Mobile Suit Gundam Wing, and they’re my OT3 (to anyone who’s not familiar with fandom-speak, it’s short for One True Threesome). It’s supposed to be for a WIP that I think will never be finished called Scissored Kismets, which you can read at my Spaceheart Livejournal or

Hero and Sidekick!
sidekick and hero

This should be branded in everyone’s mind. :) Failure is needed in life, and it contributes a lot to our growth (I don’t know if anyone else notices it, but after I saw the final art I thought maybe I was subconsciously thinking of The Social Network guys when I was conjuring up the chibi-fied anthropomorphs of success and failure! If you can guess who’s who, I think you’ll agree the whole picture is quite ironic).


  1. Hi! I'm a frequent lurker of your blog! Nice doodles you got here! For a girl like me who even find it hard to draw straight lines, I call your creations "masterpiece" :D Hihi .. You're not only a witty writer but a creative drawer (LOL! Artist) as well.

    By the way, I love the name of your blog! You really rock your personal space in blogger.

  2. Hello, Purple Lee! Thank you, I really appreciate it! :) I used to be only good at stick figures too, but because doodling became an incurable hobby of mine, I sort of became good at it. You can do it, too, I bet!

    Honestly, thank you for reading my blog. I was almost 100% sure no one really reads them other than a handful of my RL and Tumblr friends.

    I'm glad you like my blog's name! I just can't stand Cinderella being the Queen of Damsels in Distress in fairytales so I gave her my own touch and made her wear combat boots! There's nothing like a badass princess that is always ready to protect herself. Feminism for the win!

  3. I miss you and your awesome artworks. haha looorve you giiirl!

  4. And you too mamu! <3 Sana magkita-kita na ulit tayo hahaha!