Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Belated Happy Birthday, Pietro! ♥

December 18 is Pietro’s birthday! :)

Me and Pietro
Someday the neighbors will learn not to hurl wordless death threats at me when trying to practice. If not…well, I’ll need to go to the mountains or anyplace that has a basement/soundproof walls! Haha. Belated happy birthday, my love! You’ve been a good violin to me, and I promise to be good to you, too.  ♥

A close friend gave Pietro to me as a gift, and this is our semi-true-to-life story about how he became our baby. You may check it out if you want. ;)

I’m still learning to play him. At the moment, it’s quite impossible to cram more time in my schedule for formal violin lessons (and don’t forget the old dilemma about dibs).  But then, there’s always this Plan B: Do-it-Yourself thing, and that’s what I did: self-teaching.

Isn't he so beautiful? For so many times I wish I was born in a different generation—mostly because of my musical preferences—but the Internet Age is so helpful that I’m more than contented to be living in my generation now!  Haha. Needless to say, the information superhighway helped me with my first violin ABC’s. There’s a bunch of YouTube tutorial lessons for beginners, ranging from proper holding of the instrument to re-hairing the bow. I already knew how to read notes—it’s a requirement for every member of the gamelan orchestra of our high school— so I’m not completely clueless about the whole thing. I’m getting a bit rusty, though, so I need to keep practicing.

So that's about it. I just thought Pietro deserves a little space here on my blog. :)

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