Sunday, November 20, 2011

A Writer's Prayer

I’ve heard of Gaiman’s “A Writer’s Prayer” about two years ago, but I never got to download the actual file (back then I don’t know a thing about scrobbling” and I don’t really explore a lot of music sites).  Recently, I was browsing in a random music blog that linked me to the torrent file of the said “prayer” along with other Gaiman audio-stories (freaking jackpot!). It’s from the CD called “Telling Tales,” an audio counterpart of an anthology where the contents are narrated versions of some of his writings, including Harlequin Valentine (a favorite of mine—I would’ve uploaded it if Tumblr allows more than 10MB of mp3 upload), Boys and Girls Together, The Wedding Present (another favorite, it’s a short Dorain-esque fic), and In the End.
Since this is my writing/personal blog, I thought it would just be right if I cross-post the transcript of the “prayer” from Tumblr. You can listen to it here.

A Writer’s Prayer*

Oh Lord, let me not be one of those who writes too much;
who spreads himself too thinly with his words,
diluting all the things he has to say,
like butter spread too thinly over toast,
or watered milk in some worn-out hotel;
but let me write the things I have to say,
and then be silent, ’til I need to speak.

Oh Lord, let me not be one of those who writes too little;
a decade-man between each tale, or more,
where every word accrues significance
and dread replaces joy upon the page.
Perfectionists like chasing the horizon;
You kept perfection, gave the rest to us,
so let me earn the wisdom to move on.

But over and above those two mad spectres of parsimony and profligacy,
Lord, let me be brave, and let me, while I craft my tales, be wise:
let me say true things in a voice that is true,
and, with the truth in mind, let me write lies.


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