Wednesday, November 2, 2011

What’s Hidden in the Snow Comes Forth in the Thaw: David Fincher’s ‘The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo’

Hurrah! Now that I’m done reading the first book in the Millennium trilogy, I can freely surf the web without the fear of accidentally reading spoilers. :)

I watched Youtube clips from the original big screen adaptation (Män Som Hatar Kvinnor) and I have to admit, I saw more of Lisbeth Salander in Rooney Mara than in the Swedish actress Noomi Rapace. Looks-wise, at least. It’s been years since the movie was shown, but the internet is still giving its virtual standing ovation for Rapace, reporting that she played Salander’s role to perfection. Only a few believed that Mara can surpass or even equal her performance. Let’s see about that.

As for the actor for Mikael Blomkvist, my vote goes to Daniel Craig (looks-wise again). I have nothing against the Swedish actor, but I thought the financial journalist described in the book is a tad more…dashing and suave. You know what I mean. Anyway, I can’t judge the flicks yet because I haven’t watched either, but I’m already having high hopes for the Hollywood adaptation. You know why? Because director David Fincher is on the helm to remake the film!

I totally loved Fight Club, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, and The Social Network. Fincher’s take on darkish movies are jaw-dropping in their bizarre tastefulness. It seems like Fincher has a thing for hackers too (ehem, Mark Zuckerberg). And speaking of The Social Network, I just learned that the girl who played Zuckerberg’s scorned ex-girlfriend Erica Albright is none other than Rooney Mara!

Anyway, here are the photos gathered from Tumblr. Be warned, some of them are NSFW-ish.









And of course, how can we forget the trailer?


I can't wait! I hope this movie will make Christmas this year extra-amazing.


  1. So I haven't read the book (I have this thing against Swedish thrillers.. They exist in an abundance.) but I've seen the movie, the Swedish. I can agree that Mikael Blomkvist isn't that good. He's a bit dull as an actor. But Noomi Rapace was great. And the movie was actually good, which says a lot because I generally dislike Swedish movies and thrillers. (I'm a lousy Swede.) It was very beautiful.

    I think the tagline for this movie is so funny. What’s Hidden in the Snow Comes Forth in the Thaw is a very common saying in Swedish, but shorter and it rhymes (Det som göms i tö kommer fram i snö). It was just fun recognizing it on the poster :) (Although it might be an English saying as well..?)

  2. The Swedish Blomkvist doesn't even fit with the looks of Blomkvist in the book. At least that's what I think (and I've only seen the trailer so I can't say that much). And about Noomi're not the first one to say that. Dang she's got a lot of fans. I think I really need to watch the original flicks. The first download doesn't have English subtitles so I have to search for a new torrent. xD

    Ah. I've heard it's a Swedish proverb, but when I first read it on the new poster I thought they just made it up! No, I don't think it's an English saying. :D It fits the story, though, imho.

  3. I think I'm too used to Noomi Rapace as Lisbeth Salander. It's weird to see Rooney Mara. She looks almost creepy, especially with the pale eyebrows. It will be fun to see the "big Hollywood version" of this movie though!

  4. OMG. I didn't notice her eyebrows! Hahaha! Dang. They ARE creepy. I can't remember if it's said in the book that Lisbeth didn't dye her eyebrows. XD I'm guessing they want to tell the audience that she's not a natural brunette, but I can't be sure. Haha. :) I'll watch both movie versions!

  5. Hi! I chanced upon your blog while Googling "To Sally, who showed me the benefits..." I'm finishing Millennium 1, and I've seen Fincher's version of the movie. It was pretty good. Rooney is the Lisbeth I imagined to be. She looks younger. I'm just annoyed at Blomkvist unknowingly breaking her heart :'(. That playboy!

    I'm liking strong female literary characters like Salander (and soon, Katniss Everdeen). I like your blog, and will be reading more of it.

    1. Hi, Raisz! Thanks! I'm about to read The Girl Who Played with Fire! I wish it's as good as the first book (or better!). And yeah, I agree, Flincher's movie is amazing. Have you seen the original Swedish versions? :D Pshh, Blomkvist=insensitive Don Juan. :(

      Oh, OH! I love Lisbeth and Katniss! They're amazing girls, they show that they don't need any kind of Prince Charming figure to survive. Thank you for liking my blog! ;)

    2. Welcome! Sorry for the late reply, hehe. ^^ I haven't seen the Swedish versions yet but I really want to (especially if I'm waiting for Fincher's version of the other two series.

      Yeah, hooray for strong girls who can stand on their own! Real or fictional!