Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Shoelaces [The Submarines]

Unbeknownst to many, music has always been an effective fuel in my writings. I get distracted easily but with the right kind of song in the background, I find my creative juices thawing themselves and flowing past the blocks that are deterring me from producing anything worthy of being called a decent piece of literature.

Leafing through the pages of Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist (again) and re-watching its flick version, I got myself reacquainted with the bands I’ve loved back in high school. I’ve heard of The Submarines before, but I initially didn’t like their style. When I checked them out now, though, I find their music…more appealing. I guess it has something to do with my ‘musical tastes’ taking varied courses as I listen to more bands. :) The Submarines’ music, hands down, became included in my list of “writing tracks.” They can totally help me with my NaNoWriMo right now. :p

The Submarines

The Submarines are composed of John Dragonetti (aka Jack Drag) and Blake Hazard, who is the great-granddaughter of novelist F. Scott Fitzgerald (it shows in her writing style!). The romantically involved couple collaborated on Hazard’s 2002 album “Little Airplane”, but ended their relationship soon after. After they resumed their relationship, the duo recorded “Declare A New State!” in 2006 as The Submarines. Since then, Hazard and Dragonetti have married and recorded two further albums as The Submarines: “Honeysuckle Weeks” (2008) and “Love Notes/Letter Bombs” (2011).

I’ve listened to a bunch of their songs, but I’m going to feature here the first song I heard from their latest album, Shoelaces. It’s an earworm I wouldn’t mind slithering in my head as long as it wants. :p The lyrics are subtly poetic and simple. The music’s catchier in the original version, but when I’m writing I prefer this Shazam Session one:

Shoelaces (The Submarines)

I've had better days than this
Words trip like untied shoelaces
Still you're worth falling down for once in a while

And I’m disinclined to admit
With you and I this could be it
And something's telling me we'll know before too long

Are you really going out there on your own?
These tangled lines all come undone
How did it feel when you let go?
You try your luck in your best suit
Tied to a broken parachute
It's the hole in my heart you fell through

Tried reading tea leaves and the stars in all the days we were apart
Maybe my mind wasn't made up, but I chose love
Still I’m inclined to admit, with you and I this might be it
These failed predictions kept us wondering all the time

I never wanna let you down
So why not cut these strings before we hit the ground

Are you really going out there on your own?
These tangled lines all come undone
How did it feel when you let go?
You try your luck in your best suit
Tied to a broken parachute
It's the hole in my heart you fell through

If you say I’m wrong I’ll say you're wrong
But no one has to be right
And if you say you're wrong I’ll say I’m wrong
Nothing could be worth this fight

We try our luck not our strong suit
We can't give up this parachute
Oh the hole in my heart you fell through

And there you have it! Honestly, this song can be a great “book track” too, if you can find the perfect book that fits with the story of the song. :)

Perhaps I should write more posts about the bands I’m (re)discovering lately; my “scrobbling” at just won’t do. I’m no musician but I realize I like jotting my thoughts about them, too.


  1. You're doing NaNoWriMo as well? Maybe I knew that. (What's you're 'name' there?) Anyway, I can't write without music either. It gets too quiet.

    I haven't listened to The Submarines much, aside form the Nick & Norah's Infinite Playlist soundtrack. But a few years ago I was in love with their song Brightest Hours. Every time it comes up on my iPod I think I have to check out the rest of their music. This song was great. And since I will start with today's writing right now, I think I'll listen to them!

    I like when you post about music! It seriously blew my mind that Blake Hazard is the granddaughter of F. Scott Fitzgerald.

  2. Yes I'm doing NaNoWriMo...but not officially. I mean I'm registered there and all (my name there is "Airiz") but I'm not updating my wordcount. I didn't even fill up the form where you have to write the excerpt/synopsis of your novel! I started on Nov.1, but when I realized I can't write everyday to reach the 50000 word goal, I told myself to 'don't sweat it out, just finish your novel without the time pressure of NaNoWriMo.' So yeah, officially I'm not writing there, but I'm writing WITH all other participants this month as they try to finish their own works. XD I always fail at these things, haha! But maybe I'll change my mind and update my profile there, haha. I'm close to 10k words now. :D I'm about to post an excerpt from it here on my blog.

    Are you joining NaNoWriMo too? How's your novel?

    Brightest Hours is a great song too, even if it's Blake Hazard who's only doing the vocals. It's so relaxing! I think their newest songs are the best (from the album Love Notes/Letter Bombs). :) They're great as "writing tracks."

    Thanks! Truth be told, I'm surprised by that little tidbit too when I first read it somewhere.

  3. I haven't written any synopsis either.. I really don't know what I'm writing about. It's not much of a story; it's more characters. I wasn't as prepared this year as last (when I had a short story I'd written as a base) so I just enjoy writing. I just want to write for practice and for fun and NaNoWriMo keeps me motivated (it's that word count bar, I really love it, haha). I passed 26 000 words yesterday! Halfway there..

    And I loved your excerpt! Your writing is beautiful, as always :) I've always loved the idea of putting persons into abstract 'things', Sandman style.

  4. Ah, I can relate to you--sometimes it's about the characters, not the PLOT at all. This is the first time I'm joining(?) NaNoWriMo and already I think I'll miss the bullseye. Whoa, 26k! That's a lot already, congrats, I think you're doing great! It's still 15th (perhaps 14th in your area?) so that means you're writing pace is just right. Keep going! Haha yes, I've noticed that word count bar too, it's fun to see how it fills up to the end. :)

    Thank you. Yes, that's what exactly inspired that! Gaiman sure is a genius. :)