Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Sabriel and Touchstone. :)

I just felt the need to put these here. My first literary OTP are from fantasy young adult books by Garth Nix, The Old Kingdom trilogy/Abhorsen series: the fifty-third unorthodox necromancer Sabriel and the bastard prince Touchstone. These are manips by firemadeflesh at Tumblr, fancasting Gemma Arterton as Sabriel and  Richard Madden as Touchstone. :)



I think they’re excellent choices! I love both actors—Gemma is amazing as Princess Tamina in Prince of Persia and Richard is just fit to play a prince, being the “King of the North” in HBO’s Game of Thrones. :p

Garth Nix is planning to release Clariel: The Lost Abhorsen in 2013, which explores the story of Chlorr of the Mask (an antagonist in the second and third books) when she’s still an Abhorsen. I’m really, really excited for it, but 2013 is still so far away. I wish they'd just release the graphic novel version of Sabriel—Nix completed the script for that a year ago. >:(

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