Saturday, November 5, 2011

Guilty Pleasure TV: 2 Broke Girls

After watching Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist and Thor, I know I’ve fallen in love with Kat Dennings. She has a way of playing characters that can strike a chord with me without any effort; she’s a natural. That’s why when I found out she’s starring in a sitcom, I know I should check it out.

I discovered 2 Broke Girls about the same time I discovered New Girl. While I love both of them, I only recommended New Girl to my friends because I'm confident they'll like it. 2 Broke Girls is more like a guilty pleasure to me, and I never talked about it until another friend posted a Facebook status about it.

It’s not hard to explain. 2 Broke Girls is full of double-meaning, horse crud jokes I've heard a dozen times from somewhere else before; there’s not a single episode that doesn't make a jape about sex at least thrice. It’s kitschy for the most part, and it doesn’t even go near New Girl’s caliber. But I liked it, and it’s all because of the characters.

Max Black (Kat Dennings) and Caroline Channing (Beth Behrs) have a fascinating chemistry that makes for the redeeming quality of the show. Their clashing personalities are a fun to watch, and it’s nice to observe how their relationship develops throughout the series. As I’ve told my friend, if there’s a female version for the word “bromance,” that would pretty much sum up Max and Caroline’s relationship (and obviously the creators won't pass up the opportunity to crack lesbian jokes because of that). They're so funny together.

Max is a carbon copy of Norah Silverberg from Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist…if you take away her purse fattened by her popular record label executive father's successful carreer. Her wit, her potty mouth, her spunk—it’s all Norah-esque, if you ask me. And then enters Caroline—not the blonde girl from NANIP, but another blonde girl that is prim-and-proper, classy...and broke. She ends up penniless because of her one scammer of a dad. Together they work as waitresses in a small Brooklyn diner to achieve their goal of $250,000 dollars, which they will use as fund for their dream business: a cupcake shop. At the end of every episode, there’s a tally of all the money they earned for the day. Even the plotline isn't so remarkable.

So yeah, this is another addition to my TV series list. I’m hearing rumors that this show's going early to the chopping board, but I hope it won’t happen soon. I’m enjoying this immensely at the moment.


  1. I really love the show too. Sana naman hindi maexjapan.. nag eenjoy ako! haha

  2. Haha I don't super love it naman, just between like and love I guess. :p If it weren't for the characters I wouldn't even watch it.