Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Bookwormism Update!

Currently reading: Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close by Jonathan Safran Foer. I just started last night and got to the part where a man is relaying a story about how he ‘lost his words.’ Or something like that.

Additions to my skyscraper of a to-read stack:
Somebody invent a word for a person who’s always lucky in secondhand bookshops! I stumbled upon a hardback copy of Audrey Niffenegger’s Her Fearful Symmetry the other day when I was randomly browsing for back issues of a music magazine. The jacket’s a bit torn and creased, but other than that the baby’s in good condition. I got it for only 100 pesos! If brand new this will cost at most 500php. I’ve been wanting to get my hands on this after I read The Time Traveler’s Wife.

Another addition is The Sky is Everywhere by Jandy Nelson. A friend of mine also got it from a secondhand bookstore, and after reading it he gave it to me. He said it reminded him of a funeral story I wrote a while ago. xD


  1. I almost bought Her Fearful Symmetry in the secondhand bookshop I vent to last Sunday! It was so close (I ended up buying three other books.. Ahem). I'll be fun to read what you think about it. The same goes for Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close. I love that books (I love everything JSF writes..)

  2. I'll tell you what I think about HFS when I finish it, but I think it won't be anytime soon. XD I still have a lot of books to finish before I finally get to that one. Anyway, what are your favorite books? We're talking for a long time now but I didn't even know what you love (save THG and like what you just said, JSF). :)

  3. Hard question! (Prepare for long answer..) The ones I can think of, besides the already mentioned, are Howl's Moving Castle, Harry Potter, The Book Thief and Speaker for the Dead. I like my fair share of YA, obviously, and I love fantasy and science fiction... And fiction with a hint of something extra, like The Lovely Bones and The End of Mr Y (I can't really explain it, just fiction that isn't so realistic, I think..) And I just read The Bell Jar and LOVED it.

  4. Wow, well I think our tastes in books aren't that different. I haven't finished reading the HP books (what a shame, right?) but I'm planning to go back and read the whole set. I may be super late to the party, but better late than never! haha. Howl's Moving Castle and The Book Thief are precious gems, too, but I haven't tried Speaker for the Dead! Maybe I should mark that as a to-read. :)

    Speaking of The Bell Jar, I have a copy! But I haven't touched it yet, it's nearly at the bottom of my to-read stack. Tumblr peeps are saying it's an amazing read, and they're saying that Sylvia Plath should have produced more prose than poems. Haha. :D

    Are you a fan of Neil Gaiman? His works are sci-fiction-ish too. The Sandman is excellent. :)

  5. Speaker for the Dead is a sequel to Ender's Game, and I like it better than Ender's Game. It was so weird and so sad.

    I agree with them! I wish Sylvia Plath had written more prose! She's written a few short stories I haven't read yet, but I will. Her poetry is great as well, but I think it's more difficult to read it.

    I AM a Gaiman fan. Long time ago I saw Stardust the movie and loved it. And then I found out it was based on a book and died and went to the bookstore and got it. I loved it even more than the movie.
    This fall I've tried to read the rest of his works. So far I've read American Gods and I have Anansi Boys in my to-read stack. AND I've started with The Sandman. I've read the first three volumes. The rest was lend out at the library :( I might be able to get the next one today though... The Sandman is awesome! I haven't read much comic books before, but I instantly caught on. My favorite "person" to read about is Death. I can't wait to read more stories with her.

    Oh, finish Harry Potter! In my opinion, the last two books are the best.

  6. Oh I see. In that case I need to read Ender's Game first haha. Gosh I feel so left behind, I've been hearing the title of that book ever since I can remember. Thanks for the rec, I'll definitely check it out!

    Yay, you're a Gaimanic too! *big virtual hug* I'm glad you think the book is better because that's what I thinktoo--other people keep on saying the film is more amazing. :O

    American Gods will soon be adapted into an HBO series, have you heard of that news? It's really making me all excited, but I guess I have to reread it before the adaptation is aired. It's been a long time since I read it! And OMG you're reading The Sandman! It is amazing, and Death is my favorite Endless, too! :) More magnificent characters will appear in the latter volumes so just keep reading! Dang, I even liked Gaiman's Lucifer. Just proves how powerful his writing can be. I mean, who WANTS to like the Devil? ;)

    I certainly will pick up the rest of HP. It's amazing how no one at Tumblr is really noticing how a big bookworm I am but NOT a Potterhead. Haha.

  7. The Stardust movie is so cute (my favorite part of it is that Yvaine glows when she's nearer Tristan.. It's lame, but I think it's cute. I can't remember if it's in the book) but I think it's a shame they took away so much of that back story.. But that's what they always do I suppose. And the characters are much more fun in the book.

    In my copy of Stardust there's the short story Wall: A Prologue, which I love. I wish it could be longer/be finished. It was the most amazing writing.

    OMG REALLY? That's SO exciting! And HBO as well! They never back down on the serious stuff (aka the gore) haha. It'll make a great moive and you'll get to see some of the USA dyuring the road trips!
    I'm so looking forward to continuing! I have the next two volumes now, so nothing's stopping me (except nanowrimo, and another great book I'm reading, and life in general)
    Who wants to be Death? Ha

    You'll have to keep quiet about it! No, but I think there are more non-Potterheads than you think... They just don't brag about it, haha.

  8. Ooh, it is! I'm not sure if that glowing part is also in the book, but all I remember is that the moviemakers took a lot of liberties in it. I agree with everything you just shows how the book is always better, although in this case the movie isn't even bad. It's funny, too! Dang the Prince-brothers, they always crack me up whenever they're on-screen. They're just so hilarious in a morbid way. The Gaiman way, I might even add.

    Yes, the short story "Wall: A Prologue" already contains lot of potential mini-stories that Gaiman could've used in more chapters. I wish he wrote more chaps featuring Dunstan, he's awesome. :D

    YES OF COURSE! It really is making me excited too, but I can't blame if my inner cynical bookworm is still raising her eyebrows at the news. Many Gaiman books are opted to be adapted into movies/TV series but for some reason (there always are!) it will be postponed or cancelled. Good Omens is one! AG is opted too, before, but the creators didn't go on with the movie. I wish they do it this time, but I'm also hearing news that they're reviving the G.Omens project, and they're also considering creating a series based on Sandman too (which I really don't believe, because the news was never followed up since...idk, March?). HBO is good at that stuff, indeed! Just look at Game of Thrones! Hahaha!

    Yes that's what I'm doing! I have this irrational fear that they'll start dissing me when I admit I'm not a Potterhead. :D Yeah haha well no one wants to admit not reading one of the most phenomenal book series of all time! :)

  9. I had to open Stardust again just to remember. And now I want to read it again. It's so short it would go pretty quickly.. I realized it's the same song/poem in the beginning as the one in Howl's Moving Castle. I love stories based on old nursery rhymes and songs and poems.

    Aw, well we 'll have to keep our fingers crossed this one gets done! I haven't read Good Omens, but I will. It's also a huge book, though..
    Doing The Sandman as a series would be pretty cool.. But maybe not as necessary, as it already is visual. But the settings could look pretty awesome.
    Haha, that's why I like HBO. Sometimes I wish they'd do The Hunger Games because then they wouldn't have any problem with the violent stuff.