Sunday, November 13, 2011

Belated happy birthday, Neil Gaiman!

1dean0506Dear Neil Gaiman,

You don’t know how much you inspire me. :)
I can’t remember when exactly I entered your realm, but I think that doesn’t matter now.

Whenever I read something you wrote, I feel like a wizard’s apprentice: every word is a magical spell I need to learn how to cast properly, every character an anthropomorphic representation of my emotions I often fail translating into words.

Your ink’s the potion, your pen’s the wand—with all of these, I did not just enjoy every masterpiece, I also learned to “trust my dreams…and trust my story.”

I was rummaging in my Tumblr archive yesterday and happened upon the letter you just read. I penned it more than a year ago. Right now, I don’t know how I should react to it (there’s a tug-of-war between yes-truest-thing-in-the-world! and hahaha-so-full-of-sappy-it-hurts!) but seriously, nothing’s changed. He’s still the most amazing tale-spinner I’ve ever encountered, and he’s my inspiration. Wish I can be a writer like him someday…

If I’d been younger when I first discover him—let’s say about Oskar Schell’s age—perhaps I’d also sent him lots and lots of letters asking for apprenticeship. My life is heavily reliant on literature (and that, my friends, are the truest words to be ever typed on this blog) that I even mapped the stars of my dreams around it.

In some way, I can say that Gaiman provided almost half the reasons why I’m loving literature today. I think my life would feel like an incomplete jigsaw puzzle if I hadn’t met Tristran Thorn and Yvaine; if I hadn’t gone to the realms of Destiny, Death, Dream, Desire, Despair, Destruction, and Delirium; if I hadn’t seen the yang to Alice in Wonderland’s Yin in the form of Coraline’s Other World; if I hadn’t sat with Bod and his ghostly family; if I hadn’t witnessed the clash between the forgotten mythological gods and the ‘modern technology’ gods; and if I hadn’t seen how an angel and a demon postponed the apocalypse. Up to now, I’m still in awe of his ability to  bring anyone from starscapes to old ruins, from reality to fantasy, with just the fewest of words. :)

I heard that he’s writing another book in January. 527023371_a9636e9171I still don’t know what it’s going to be about, not even when it’s going to be published. This is the only thing I’m positive about: the world is lucky to have him producing quality literature again. Actually, not just in literature—he’s done screenplays and scripts and songs lately. How amazing can you get, Master Gaiman? :p

I pray for him to have a good, longer life so that he can continue inspiring more people like me. You’re a gift to the world.

Belated happy birthday, my favorite literary rock star! :)

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