Thursday, October 6, 2011

Read Philippines

From the site:
Read Philippines is a forum for Pinoy readers and booklovers to meet and talk about reading, reviews, shopping, hunting, collecting, trading, and even events about books! Whether you're an occasional reader or a marathon bookworm, or in Manila or somewhere else, there is nothing that every reader enjoys more than a good conversation about a book. So sign up, join a discussion or start one today!
I’ve only learned about RP after its Tumblr account (which I think is only used to contact people) messaged me, as well as after they commented on my review of The Catcher in the Rye:
Hi Airiz! We’re happy to let you know that we’ve included your blogs, Cinderella in Rubber Shoes, and Cinderella in Combat Boots, in the list of Pinoy book blogs at Read Philippines. com. We’d love to have you join our fast-growing community of Pinoy readers!
As I type this, I still haven’t joined the forum, but I’d register after I post and queue a few things at CIRS. Expanding my bookworm circle of friends—even virtually—sounds like more fun! I think I'm going to enjoy this!