Friday, October 21, 2011

Me, a grandma at 20

Impossible? Not really.

Technically I've just become a grand-aunt, but it doesn't have much difference to me. On the 17th of October, my half-sister’s daughter gave birth to a bouncing baby girl! They named her Fiona Beatrice. It’s my niece’s—the mom’s—choice obviously, and they wouldn’t accept any of my suggestions (Katniss! Primrose! Nessarose! Sookie! They said on things like this they wouldn't need my being a bookworm or a couch potato). My younger sister Aila agreed that Fiona does sound regal-ish, but she argued something along the lines of "Have you ever seen the Shrek films? Seriously?" I backed her up, but they wouldn't budge. So there.

The following photos were taken by my half-sister. She only used her phone, so please bear with the blurry quality. I would’ve gone to Fabella myself with my ancient Nikon, but I wasn’t feeling well that day and I had to stay home. My niece would be going home tomorrow, anyway. Without further ado, here's my grandniece:

They told me she's a dead ringer for the father save for the lips. Fiona got them from her mom: full and cherry-pink. My sister kept on saying Fiona’s skin is so translucent it looks as if it would break at the slightest pressure, and some of the little blue veins were visible through it. From afar, though, she said Fiona looks like a squirming pink blob. :)

I'll upload clearer photos when they finally get home. It's funny how it took me a while to wrap my head around the idea that I became a grandmother (or grand-aunt, okay) before even being a mother. And that my mother is a great grandmother, and my grandmother is a great great grandmother. It's actually a nice feeling. Haha, just think about Aila, she's already a granny at 17!

*update: They arrived early tonight and my niece spelled out the baby's name to us. It's Fiona Viatriz. I'm not certain if I like the second sounds like some sort of anti-biotic to me. Apparently my half-sis suggested of toying with the ordinary Beatrice, the same way our mother did with the names Janice (which became her name, Janiz) and Iris (which became Airiz, plus an additional background about it). Avoiding cliche as much as possible...I think it's in the genes. Haha. More baby photos soon!


  1. How cute!!!! Fiona?? love et!

  2. Lola Airiz sounds good. But its Christmas, so I'll be calling you Ninang Airiz! :P

  3. @mamu- Uu ang liit liit nya! Super pink Thumbelina sha hehe.

    @Ja- Master GIF! I thought si Janine Astete nagcomment haha then I saw you're following 'RESTART' ni Hershey. Haha thank you Ja! Ninang man o lola mukhang magbibigay din ako ng aginaldo eh. Haha. ;)