Sunday, October 16, 2011

Fritzie’s kitties!

Pardon this post for not at all being literature-related, but I feel as if I need to put these photos up. Fritzie—a stray cat that now resides in a nest of newspapers and rugs under the stairs of our house—just gave birth to three cute kitties! :) Look at them!

This kitten’s my favorite. Ate Janiz keeps on referring to it as ‘tiger’ and I’m too overwhelmed by that scrunched face of cuteness to argue. She’s the one that always climbs on top of her mama, and I almost wanted to help her because her tiny limbs are all stick-thin and shaky. The only thing that deterred me from doing that is Fritzie  throwing me warning glares and arching her back every time I’m reaching out to them. Anyway, the kitten always manages to make it to the top without any help. :)

Fritzie nursing her kittens. The one on the lower left is Tiger (how creative!) and that one with black splotches is…no-name (how creative to the second power!). Truth be told, we didn’t name all the kittens; my mother wouldn’t let anyone in the house keep these babies because of my asthma. “NO FUR!” they’d scream. That’s why the closest I could ever have as a pet is a crab (Aila’s words).

black kitten
Ate Janiz refers to this third baby as the ‘baboy ramo’ or wild boar. That is a mean thing to say (if I were a cat I’d tell her she’s racist) but I understood the reference. This kitten, when viewed from afar, doesn’t look like a kitten at all. Her ears are so tiny and her tail—only half-covered in black fur, exposing a little bit of pink skin—is reminiscent of a small rat’s. She’s the one that Fritzie always has to watch because she tends to crawl her way away from the group.

Priceless little creatures. I think I’ll name them anyway, even if they won’t be able to live in the house. They can always lurk under the stairs. xD

To end this post, here’s Fritzie (candid shot!):

and here’s the neighbor’s tomcat that we believe is the father of these cute little creatures:
He appeared out of nowhere when he heard the meowing of the kittens, but he didn’t go over to join his family. He just hid there behind the plant and watched for a while. Then he went away. We think there's a lover’s quarrel! haha!

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