Monday, October 3, 2011


I won’t deny it—one of the many reasons I love Tumblr is that a lot of people there are appreciative. Book-blogging is a blissful hobby for me. I read lots of books in my free time, and I then I talk about it in my reviews. Engaging in interesting conversations with people who are practically on the other side of the globe is invigorating.

My posts at Cinderella in Rubber Shoes are comprised mostly of opinions (which were sometimes peppered with spazzing) about literature. I have a creative writing section there, but my poems and short stories usually go here at blogspot. I remembered, though, that in my earliest days at that site—when my Tumblr url doesn't concern any fairytale character—I did post some of my works.

One of them is Weddings and Funerals. Originally, it’s a fanfiction I penned for Gundam Wing, and it was inspired by an extremely catchy albeit morbid song by a favorite musician. I wrote it at Tumblr just for kicks, and if ever it was read by anyone there, I was never able to know…until recently, when a question about my writing popped up in the middle of questions about my reading:

She practically summarized it! It’s not the best of my stories, but it’s one of the firsts that were applauded by people I don’t know personally (hint: FFNet). I rummaged in my archives for the story, but for some reason it was nowhere to be found. So I what I did is I tweaked the draft I have at my desktop and then reposted it. I gave m---lynn a heads up when I was done.

Trying to show it to a friend. :) It really made my night when I read this.

And this is not all. I thought of checking the Imaginaccion tag, because maybe I’d see the older version of Weddings and Funerals there (yes, it was included in our folio). Most of the posts with that tag was mine and Deb’s…and then there was this post:

After quickly scrutinizing her profile, I learned that she was from Mapua—by what means she got this folio, I’d never know. I dropped a small thanks in her AskBox, and I hoped it didn’t sound like I didn’t appreciate that she liked my work (and that I’m one of her favorite bloggers—imagine that!) . When people complement me, I don’t really know how to respond aside from letting a string of thank-yous and I-appreciate-its escape my mouth. Sometimes I feel as if they think I’m not that appreciative or really grateful. XD But I am! I just don’t feel the need to do something akin to jumping like I’d won the lottery or something.

Anyway, I’ll reiterate: having people who like what I create is not the main reason why I love Tumblr. It’s all about the sharing, about the connection you make even if you can’t see each other’s faces personally, about the conversations that make you think you’re kindred souls. It’s about how you inspire people without trying hard to do so, inspiring them by just doing what you makes you happy. Most of the time, they inspire you back. Take my word.

Really, it’s all about the overwhelming feeling you can get from the whole thing.

I have to admit I receive quite a lot of posts like this on my TumblrAsk. Mostly it’s about their overall thought about my book-blog. I guess it’s safe to say that judging by the way they are liking and reblogging my reviews (and rants and ramblings and raves), they approve of my writing the same way they may like give opinions embedded in the entries a thumb up. It’s just it’s really different when it’s your own story, you know? The characters, the setting and situations—all yours, and they like it. Love it, even. The feeling you get when someone marvels at the worlds that you can proudly call your brainchildren—it's simply ineffable.

That’s why I continue writing short stories, poems, and fanfictions. I have a lot of blog updates about real-life happenings too, but there’s this one little voice in my head that says I could squeeze more creative juices onto the paper (or blank screen) when I’m doing something more “literary,” if you know what I mean. As much as possible when I’m doing some RL diary-like entries, I write them the same way I may write a story.

The road for being a writer stretches ahead of me; I still have a long way to travel. When I’m feeling a little lost or misguided, a little cheer from people who observe my progress can fuel me to go on and continue my journey—that, and God’s ever-present helping hand. :)

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