Saturday, October 22, 2011

Another gift in the inbox

As I’ve said in my previous post, I’m not really feeling well these past few days. I rescheduled a…certain examination next week, and I was emailing back and forth with the examiner about the test date. Last night, I checked my inbox for the last time, repeatedly refreshing the page. Then this email popped up:
Dear Airiz, 
Congratulations on your entry to our Haruki Murakami competition being one of the six most popular! We will be announcing winners on the site on Tuesday and so for that I would love the following from you: 
A physical address that we can send the signed copy of 1Q84, and Murakami 'library' to; A high res version of your artwork. Please send via yousendit or similar, or as a zipped file. Accepted image formats: jpg, psd, tiff Resolution: At least 2000 pixles wide at 72dpi 
And then I would also love a sentence or two from you about the inspiration behind the artwork that you submitted, and your experience of being part of this competition.  Please also let me know your full name, where you currently live and if you can, your profession. As we are running this feature on Tuesday I would need to hear back from you before Monday (24th October)
Kindest regards,

Fiona Mackay
Senior Editor
112-116 Old Street
London EC1V 9BG
At first I was like…what? I actually won? I checked their website to see the vote count and realize it’s true! I was quite astonished to learn I bagged the first rank with 188 votes (the top six entrants will receive the prizes). The first words out of my mouth? "God, thank you!"

It’s amazing how God gives you presents when you least expect it. No matter in what form He gives it to you, it can always bring you a different kind of bliss. I mean, look, the books are more than enough for me! A signed copy of IQ84? Dang! The one in my bucket list is actually meeting Murakami, but this is enough already I won’t give up on meeting Neil Gaiman in person, though.

They are going to publish an article featuring the winners on the 25th... I think I’ll put up my entry here along with that article. I practically babbled about it in my reply (I ignored the ‘a sentence or two’ in the message, but I told them they’re free to paraphrase).

I realize that this, too, can beef up my resume. Hee! Even if it’s online competition, it’s still worldwide, and even if it’s not journalism-related, I think I will grab an opportunity of being an illustrator as a sideline. I enjoy reading, writing, and drawing on the same level.

Here’s to blessings we’ve received and are yet to receive! Cheers!


  1. Wow - congratulations! All of Murakami's books - that's awesome. And just winning a competition like that must be wonderful.

  2. Thanks, Johanna! I never thought I can win this, hee. :))