Thursday, October 6, 2011

6 Things I’m Most Excited to See in Perks: The Movie Adaptation

EMMA WATSON perksYes, that’s Emma Watson reading Perks!

The Perks of Being a Wallflower, Stephen Chbosky’s debut novel, was published in 1999. I read it the first time last year in ebook format, with an additional prize of an eye-ache from the glaring computer monitor. Now I picked it up in paperback for my reread sessions (a part of my Banned Books Week special) and I have to say it kind of renewed my love for it.

The bigscreen adaptation will be out in 2012, and I can hardly wait! Without further ado, here’s half-a-dozen fangirlish things I’m most excited to see in the upcoming flick:
  1. The Rocky Horror Picture Show. Lots of things to be excited about: Emma Watson playing Sam (Perks character) who is playing Janet Weiss (TRHPS character). And Ezra Miller playing Patrick who is playing Dr. Frank-N-Furter. And Logan Lerman playing Charlie who is playing Rocky. And so and so forth. The real treat is, we get to see bits of TRHPS brought to life by this generation’s most talented young actors. I’m excited!
  2. The I-Swear-We-Were-Infinite Moments. I’ve said this before and I’ll say this again: books are my friends but not my only friends. In that aspect I guess I can relate so much to Charlie. One of my sturdiest links to him is his road-trip moments with his friends—scenes where either Sam or Charlie is standing on the back of the speeding pick-up truck, with the perfect song playing in the background. Stephen Chbosky chose the right words for the feeling: infinite. I really wish they can translate the feeling well into the screen.
  3. The Flashbacks. In the book, Charlie has a way of presenting his early memories with extraordinary vividness by just using the simplest words. I want to see how they’ll work that out in the movie. I hope they can bring the little ‘twist’ at the end with a loud bang.
  4. The Soundtrack. More like hear. Perhaps they’ll just hand-pick a few tracks from Charlie’s many mixed tapes, but I wish they choose the majority from the mix Charlie made for Patrick. Tasteful choice of songs!
  5. Charlie (Logan Lerman) kissing half the cast. Ooooops sorry! Rabid Fangirl Slip! Haha!
  6. Sam and Patrick’s crazy dance. As seen in the video below. You guys, who can’t get excited by this??
Cast On The 'Perks of Being a Wallflower' Set dancing and being interviewed


  1. I am SO excited about this movie, especially since I read that the author is directing/writing it. And I also hope they include Charlie's playlist, it's amazing.
    I just got even more excited reading your post.

  2. Me too! I really can't wait! I've seen a couple of official stills on the net, I might post them here later. :)