Sunday, September 18, 2011

They don’t teach me how to deal with YOU (plural)

The Kindly Ones

So says Lyta Hall from The Sandman volume 9: The Kindly Ones. School is important, we all know that. It serves as an institute that do not give us direct answers to our biggest problems;  instead, it gives us some time to master the basics of life while we totter on our training wheels. At the end of the day, life itself is your school, and you continue to learn.

But let me indulge myself in adding a few they-don’t-teach-me’s on Lyta’s list. My head’s currently cloaked with cobwebs of worry, annoyance, and guilt that my personal journal wasn’t enough to be a shock absorber for me. Here’s my own set (and it's a bit personal--you've been warned!)…
  • They don’t teach you how to effectively convince someone to forget you because it’s for the better.
  • They don’t teach you how to start again and not wind up in the same dead end at the end of the day.
  • They don’t teach you how to trick yourself to be happy.
  • They don’t teach you how to deal with holier-than-thou people.
    • They don’t teach you how to not think about tomorrow, even if tomorrow is the only thing you’re looking forward to.
    • They don’t teach you how to keep the tears at bay during your saddest times.
    • They don’t teach you how to stop knocking at the hearts of people who have no time to open up to you.
    • They don’t teach you how to stop when you’re going like this, when it’s all catharsis and all that you see are grays—no blacks or whites…
    • They don’t teach you how to confront someone whom you know have created a bad image of you in his/her head yet continue to flash false praises when you’re in front of him/her.
    • They don’t teach you how to deal with people who continuously pretend they’re happy for you--and they don't even make an effort to make it look authentic.
    • They don’t teach you how to stop pretending to say a heartfelt “you’re welcome” to trade with the fake admiration.
    I could list more, but it’s going to be too long and it would sound a tad too personal (as if this one’s not yet? haha). As a rule I’ve always avoided venting out here (#1: personal stuff is for diaries) but I can break it from time to time. :p

    Thank you, Lyta Hall.


    1. I loved that list and your doodle - and your own additions. My own would be something everyone else seem to have mastered, yet I can't remember ever having learned it: how to find friends, how to keep them and how to enjoy this crowded world. I'm too much of a loner for my own good.
      I'm sorry you've had to deal with stupid people.

    2. Thank you! :) You know, I was an incurable antisocial back then, but eventually I opened up to people. From time to time I still have my 'alone moments' (which most people thought is weird) but I feel the need to have it. I always think I can get some kind of peace from solitude every once in a while. But I really hope you find friends, too! I'm sure there are people out there who are willing to reach out to you for friendship. :) I think you're a nice person.

      They're really not stupid, I think we're just not always on the same page: some won't reach out when I want them to, some won't leave me alone when I want them to. I hope everything gets ok soon.

      Thanks again, Johanna! It's really nice of you to come here and talk. :) I just wish I can read/speak Swedish so I can read your blogs. Stay awesome and have a nice day!