Sunday, September 4, 2011

Oneword: A Writer’s Brevity Site

Oneword is writing site that basically helps all sorts of writers develop quick thinking and brevity. Every day, a new word will be featured as a prompt and you are tasked to write about it in just 60 seconds.

I find it fun and challenging! Oneword “requires” you to write the first thing that pops on your mind when you see the day’s prompt. I’m only three days old in the site, and I’m enjoying it already. You should try it! Sometimes, the thoughts that you write down can surprise you. Here are my first three entries:

The roads were slippery that day, drenched by the tears I shed not so long ago. I don’t know. My thoughts, they were the pedestrians that were crossing the dampen streets, clumsy and bumping and apologizing. I tried to cast a smile, but it was hard. The thrumming of my heart was too deafening to hear a single note from somebody else’s heart. It was a busy day in the avenue of my mind.

There’s a mayhem inside my system, right inside the ribcage; everything is a mess. Not that You’re my personal cleanup man, but You came anyway, kneading sponges of love on the scratches of my heart, mopping up spilt milk and fragments of broken hopes around the corners. “You’ll get it done, trust me,” You said with a light tap on my shoulder. And I do–trust You, that is–because that’s what I always do: trust God.

Ah, the tang of sadness. Now that I think about it, God certainly has the humor (and brilliance!) of a chef. I've always pondered on the salinity of tears. "Why salty?" I've asked myself. "Why not sweet? Lonely people would have some kind of consolation if it tasted like candies." My eyes landed on our kitchen as if the answer was hidden in an old, unused cupboard there, magnetizing my attention. Then it hit me—it’s the same reason why cooks put soy sauce or sprinkle salt on food: to make life more tasty, more delicious.

Well that’s it. I think I’m going to cross-post my entries here from now on. I’ve also found other prompts site, and I think I’m going to try them as well when I have more time:

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  1. Yey! ang daming writing exercises sites! I love your entries in one word! minsan ako natataranta sa words eh! haha

  2. May oneword ka mamu! Friend mo ko dun. :3 Ilang araw na din ako di nagbubukas. :D