Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Mayhem in my System


This is another page from my journal, featuring the first line of my entry for the prompt “sponge.” I’ve posted it before together with my entries for “salt” and “avenue.” But for convenience's sake, here it is:
There’s a mayhem [in] my system, right inside the ribcage; everything is a mess. Not that You’re my personal cleanup man, but You came anyway, kneading sponges of love on the scratches of my heart, mopping up spilt milk and fragments of broken hopes around the corners. “You’ll get it done, trust me,” You said with a light tap on my shoulder. And I do–trust You, that is–because that’s what I always do: trust God.
When the featured word popped on the site’s entry form, I immediately rummaged in my head for something that I can directly link to it. I thought of pain, and how it can be seeped away by something, by someone. I thought of God.

I just described what it felt like whenever I’m having grave cases of emotional turmoil, and how everything felt okay again after I pray. Conversations with God always have that effect, I think. The pain and the failed hopes were all swept away, as if a real cleanup man had just gone there and put everything back in order: did the sponging, the mopping, the vacuuming. It felt like being guided into a new, clear path after being lost in the forest. It felt like being alive again after one little death. It felt…peaceful.

I'm not an overly religious person (in fact I don't believe in religion; I believe in God). But prayers...they have always been effective, and will always be. Just couple it with your own hard work, strengthen your faith, and in the end, everything will be okay. :)

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