Friday, September 9, 2011

Fanfiction Masterlist

It’s been a while since I last wrote a fanfiction…and it really saddens me. I don’t know why, but when it comes to churning out something for my old fandoms—save fanarts, that is—I’m producing nada. Zilch. Nothing. Perhaps if I’ll rewatch the shows, my interest would be renewed and I’ll be able to write fanfics again.

Anyway, I thought of cross-posting a masterlist of my fanfics here. Most of them are for Gundam Wing, but I’ve also written some for Boys Over Flowers, Grave of the Fireflies, and Wicked. Gundam Wing fics would be redirected here on Spaceheart, my fic journ. Other fanfics would be redirected to my more active account at FFNET.

--SERIES (for GW)--

Summary: Quatre Winner and Dorothy Catalonia meet after the wars—with an interesting gesture as a re-introduction—and become the unwanted focal points of each other’s world. What has life to offer them when they start facing a battle without knowing what they should use to fight it with?
Genre/Rating/Pairing: Humor, Angst, Romance/ PG / 4xD, more pairings as the story goes on
Prologue: Papercut
Chapter 1: Bullet with Butterfly Wings
Chapter 2: Lemonade Confessions
Chapter 3: Murmured Facades
Chapter 4: Ersatz
Chapter 5: Of Shadows and Wrong Assumptions
Chapter 6: Somewhere between Unsure and a Hundred
Chapter 7: Re-conjunction of Two Stars
Chapter 8: Past and Future
Chapter 9: Tabula Rasa (tentative title)

Summary: Inspired by Audrey Niffenegger’s The Time Traveler’s Wife. Quatre is fifteen when he first met sixteen-year-old Dorothy, and she is nine when she met a twenty-year-old Quatre. This is what's normal for them: getting to know each other one day at a time, though not necessarily in chronological order.
Genre/Rating/Pairing: Drama, Sci-fi, Romance/ T / 4xD
Warning: Implicit sexual situations, death, violence.
Status: Complete
Chapter 1: Convergence
Chapter 2: Mobius Strip
Chapter 3: Tempus Frangit
Chapter 4: Catharsis
Chapter 5: Widow's Walk
Chapter 6: Always Again

Summary: Loosely chronological stand-alone ficlets based on the themed challenges at the comm 30_kisses Genre/Rating/Pairing: Humor, Angst, Romance/PG/ 4xD
Ficlet 1: Paramour
Ficlet 2: Etymologies
Ficlet 3: Frankenberry
Ficlet 4: Arm Candy
Ficlet 5: Backstage Palavers
Ficlet 6: A Tabloid Thing
Ficlet 7:
Lines Against Circles
Ficlet 8: That Slimy Suitor
Ficlet 9: Yellow Wedge Heel

Summary: Ficlets all about Quatre Raberba Winner and all the people that become a part of his life.
Genre/Rating/Pairing: Humor, Angst, Friendship, Family, some Paranormal/PG/None
Warning: May contain gory imagery and some violence
Status: In Progress
Ficlet 1: Light Rail Transit
Ficlet 2: Two But One
Ficlet 3: For Peace’s Sake

Summary: Quatre and the others commit the seven deadly sins.
Genre/Rating/Pairing: Angst, Romance/M/1xR, 4xR, 4xD, mentions of 1xD, 2xD, 3xD, 5xD, 6xD, and 6x9.
Warning: Contains necrophilia,, suicide, and all the seven deadly sins.
Status: Complete
Lust: Beyond Normality
Gluttony: Everybody's Paramour
Greed: The Demon They Called Money
Sloth: Cobwebs of an Empty Heart
Envy: Unguarded Thoughts
Wrath: Quivering Barrel
Pride: Asymptotic


Of Bread Crumbs and Flat Daddies (Catherine Bloom, Quatre Winner, Trowa Barton)
How I Want it (Heero Yuy, Relena Peacecraft)
Social Jet Lags (Quatre Winner, Relena Peacecraft)
Trompe-L'oeil (Trowa Barton and Dorothy Catalonia)
Tetris (Trowa Barton and Middie Une)
Two Truths (Relena Darlian-Peacecraft and Milliardo Peacecraft)
From the Viewpoint of Women (Chang Wufei and Lucrezia Noin)
Conjunction (Zechs Merquise and Lucrezia Noin
Wake Me Up When September Ends (Trowa Barton, Catherine Bloom, Quatre Winner)

Drabble 1:
 The Other Guy
Drabble 2: Bathroom Noises
Drabble 3: Culinary Mishap
Drabble 4: Fairyfloss
Drabble 5: Ego Wall
Drabble 6: Mourning Sickness
Drabble 7: The Plumber
Drabble 8: A Way to Adam’s Heart
Drabble 9: An Earful from Little Eve
Drabble 10: Joke-of-all-trades
Drabble 11: Morning Routine
Drabble 12: .90 Caliber Pistol
Drabble 13: Miss the Bullseye
Drabble 14: In Another World
Drabble 15: I’m a Hero

FICLETS100 (One hundred-word drabbles)
Drabble 1: Anhedonia
Drabble 2: Dysphoria
Drabble 3: Constellations
Drabble 4: Grief Tourists and Prayers
Drabble 5: Escaping Introspection
Drabble 6: The Red Crayon
Drabble 7: Cul-de-sac
Drabble 8: Pseudo-lullaby
Drabble 9: Meaningless
Drabble 10: Giddy Midii
Drabble 11: Sweet Migraine
Drabble 12: Not Addicted

--ONESHOTS (for Boys Over Flowers)--

Song Woo Bin’s series of one-shots; re-imagining of F4 After Story (episode 2), a follow-up featuring a one-on-one with Yi Jung, and a one-shot featuring Ga Eul.
Chapter 1: Four-Leaf Clover
Chapter 2: Cinderella in Rubber Shoes
Chapter 3: Schoolyard Mercenary

--ONESHOT (for Wicked)--
Fiyero becomes Elphaba’s “hero” as early as his arrival in Shiz.
Genre/Rating/Pairing: humor, romance/T/Fiyero x Elphaba
Chapter 1: Untitled

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