Sunday, September 4, 2011

Bum world on the upper bunk (and other nerderies)

One advantage of being the Thumbelina-of-sorts in your family, I think, is that you don’t have to struggle to curl yourself in fetal position when a large portion of your bed looks like this:


This isn’t news. Additional closet space for books has long since been out of the question, but a temporary solution was given when a few of my friends borrowed stacks of books from me. Now that they’ve given me the babies back (gosh I missed my Levithans and Greens…and Zombies!) I have to provide a long-term solution. My shelves in the living room were all full, and there’s no room for another shelf in the house. Book racks wouldn’t be so bad, I think. I’ve piled up all the books on my bunk bed until their new home arrives. :)

Adjustments must be done. I have to “relocate” my wee computer station in the wake of the paperback-invaders’ arrival. Haha! If you’re going to ask, I’m an incurably nocturnal internet user. Since I don’t want to disturb anyone in the house while I surf, I developed a habit of propping up my lappy on a makeshift table (whoa! the scanner-printer) on my bed. Bedroom door shut and headset plugged in, of course. So there…I think the lappy’s going back to the study table until I buy racks.

Not hard to conclude that my bed is practically my bum wonderland, eh?

Speaking of books, I’m currently reading something that’s right up my alley: Ash by Malinda Lo. Basically, it’s the retelling of the famous fairytale Cinderella…with a lesbian twist.

At first, I didn’t know it’s LGBTQ teen lit; I was just seeking for a good fairytale reimagining that focuses on Disney’s ultimate damsel in distress, something that gives her more valid qualifications to become a legitimate heroine or gives her more calcium in her backbone (well, I sprinkled my version with wee badass-ness by making her wear combat boots and rubber shoes in my blogs—least I can do, alongside flaunting my feminist bit as well as my ‘subtle’ literary dorkdom). The blurb at the back is not that blatant about the sexuality of the title character…on the first read. I guess I should’ve squinted at the words (and the words between the lines).

I find this book interesting, although I think I’d enjoy this more if I took a longer hiatus in my reading marathon after finishing Markus Zusak’s The Book Thief. It’s wrong to compare, but with my head still reeling with Zusak’s colorful and poetic narration, I’m finding Lo’s prose a bit lackluster. I wish this TBT hangover will soon fade, its side effects are rippling through my other books. :p Anyway, I’ll post a review about this soon so I’ll zip my mouth about this now.

DSC_0767 - Copy
I’m also enjoying Hanging Out with the Dream King: Conversations with Neil Gaiman and His Collaborators, which my friend Venus lent to me. Colleen Doran, Dave McKean, Terry Pratchett, Tori Amos…they’ve all crossed paths and worked with the Dream King, and it’s fun to read them talk about their work. Personally, I think this is every Gaimaniac’s must-have, just next to Prince of Stories: The Many Worlds of Neil Gaiman. Okay this has been a mini mid-read review.

DSC_0782 (2)
In a non-book-related news, I’m binging on literature and other "bummy" stuff because I have this feeling that I will never be able to do it again in the future. September 2, I claimed my authentication certificate for my diploma and transcript of records. This does not mean I’m definitely going abroad for work, though. After all the scheduled panel and HR interviews next week, I’m still going to wait for their call. I really want to work here first.

Ah, the grown up life.

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