Thursday, August 18, 2011

Ow. I got a letter.

Dear Self,

Please, please try to control yourself. You said you're going to save money for MIBF, but what are you doing? How many books have you purchased this month alone? Splurging is never an option (at least now). That's one disadvantage of Tumblr, you get to meet awesome bookworms and you ask for recs and you go searching the bookstorelandia to get the titles.

What? You consider it a perk? Financially it's not. Okay? If you can't stop reading, go re-read some books you already have! Like The Kite Runner or 1984 or The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle. They're awesome, anyway! And if I remember correctly, you still have an "unread" haul for this month on your bedside table. How about changing the tag to "currently reading?" You have to give those books back to their mommies sooner or later, mind you.

I hope I have your word.

Sincerely yours,
Metaphorical Piggy Bank

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