Monday, August 22, 2011

My Favorite Book Year 11: An Advance Birthday Gift

(thanks for the scan, Jerick!)

Just three days shy of my twentieth birthday, my essay about the book The Solitude of Prime Numbers by Paolo Giordano was published in the Sunday issue of The Philippine Star. If that’s not one of God’s best advance birthday gifts for me, I don’t know what is.

I didn’t expect it to be published at all. Last Friday, my only goal was to find newspaper companies online that accept fresh graduates. Magazine work on foreign soil is my last resort (courtesy of my father). I'm still not that keen on the idea, so I'm seeking for similar jobs here. I checked Jobstreet, deposited a couple of resumes, and wandered around the info superhighway to find an ad or announcement. When I got to The Philippine Star’s website, I stumbled upon this page and I thought, “Why not?” It's the National Book Store-Globe-The Philippine Star essay competition, and all that I have to do is talk about my favorite book. I have everything I need for that: a multitude of books to blather about and way too much time on my hands.

“Heavy emotional punch” was the needle to my book-choosing compass—a necessity because if you really know me, you’ll have a 20-20 hindsight that my favorites are more than the number of your fingers and toes combined—and it’s pointing straight at Giordano’s debut novel. So I penned an article about it, checked some facts online, submitted the essay with crossed fingers…and practically forgot about it the day after. With reckless abandon, I went to my usual (bum) business: reading, catching up on White Collar’s third season, reading again, texting and group-messaging some of my friends about my latest read. The article didn’t cross my mind that lazy Saturday.

I was dumbfounded Sunday morning when I found out my article’s published (on paper and here on their website). So far, this is the best gift I received this year. God is so generous. I’m also overwhelmed and touched by the endless support of my family and friends! On days like this, I feel like I’m the farthest person from “solitude.” Thank you, everyone!

edit: The Philippine Daily Inquirer just texted. I got an exam tomorrow! Wish me luck!