Friday, August 5, 2011

Minimalist Fairytale Posters

LESS IS MORE--so goes the mantra of visual arts minimalists across the information superhighway. I've always admired how art with sheer simplicity can tell a long story in itself (Cue: a certain line from the song "If" by Bread). Clever minimalism executed in flick posters are common, but ones that portray literature are rare. I chanced upon a website called My Modern Met while searching for a Red Riding Hood artwork--something to randomly post on Tumblr--and...tadaa! Serendipity. I found this bunch of amazing fairytale posters.

All of them are exceptional, but the Wizard of Oz is the most hilarious of all: the Tin Man needs a heart, the Scarecrow needs brains, and the Lion needs....balls. Freaking spot-on!

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