Sunday, August 7, 2011

First official stills: Hunger Games

So they've finally released HD versions of official stills from The Hunger Games movie a couple of days ago. I'm not the first one to say this I think, but it really doesn't keep the needle on my excitement meter from getting all crazy! I can't wait. There's a screencap of Peeta Mellark standing outside their bakery, holding a burnt bread that he's supposed to toss at Katniss; and then there's a still which I think is from the beginning of the book, where Katniss and Gale are hunting outside the fence.

Apparently they've taken some liberties, at least on Peeta's scene. In the book, he's supposed to be a kid when the "burnt bread" scene happened. Most of the time I'm a purist when it comes to these kinds of stuff, but I'm trusting the movie maker's own interpretation of the book. Please don't let me down!