Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Rummaging through Yesterday's Drawers

Last Friday was general cleaning day for me. My drawers were crammed to the brim with a multitude of things ranging from old books to crushed paper cranes, and sorting through them set the nostalgia kicking in.

I’m not the kind of person who readily throws away things that are not useful anymore, so you don’t have to stretch your imagination too far in order to picture how my drawers looked like. Hodge-freaking-podge. Usually I keep things because I have this cheeseball-ish notion that securing a concrete memento—no matter how trivial—from a certain event makes the memories stronger and more special.

There were a lot of things that sent flashbacks to my head: tiny wooden dolls that my father bought from a priest in Tarlac, old CDs that have marker doodles on them, stacks of letters from friends, stubs of oil pastels, and many more. But what dominated my drawers was school stuff: textbooks, pamphlets, dictionaries, and the like. Novels are carefully stacked in the shelves (and a portion of my bed), but a couple somehow ended up in the chest.

Most of the textbooks I was able to dredge up were from high school—Basic Journalism, Biology, Algebra, Asian History. There was this poor thesaurus with an almost non-existent spine, and I remembered being given this during our last elementary school recognition day (the tomes came with the awards). It was very useful in high school, I mused now, and along with my English novels it enriched my vocabulary very much.



I also found chemistry books, which reminded me of the quiz bees I’ve joined back in high school (I was a part of a team—I was weak with balancing equations and all those seemingly unintelligible formulas but was reliable on analytical stuff that doesn’t include numbers). Then I saw my sketches of editorial cartoons for a mini press competition, making me miss my high school journalism family. There were pamphlets as well, ones that could be availed in National Book Stores. I remembered purchasing them during summers so I could study in advance, gearing up for every approaching re-school-rections. I really miss those days.

I wouldn’t even go through the things that reminded me of college. I might well up. :’(

I never knew that I’d miss being a student this much, but there’s nothing to be done except remember and cherish the memories. In a few months I would be most likely setting my foot on a foreign soil for a job, and maybe the nostalgia would strike up at a higher notch, along with things that I’d surely miss like the time right now that I’m typing up this blog entry or the time I spend ceaselessly reading books. I must be prepared for the future, yes, but I’m going to relish the past. :)

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