Sunday, June 12, 2011

X-Men: First Class—A First Class Flick

Warning: this entry is created with occasional fangirl key-smash and squeals, so please bear with the giddiness and spoiler-ishness of the blogger’s writing. Thank you.


Before he became Professor X, he was Charles Xavier. Before he took the name of Magneto, he was Erik Lensherr. Before they became the worst archenemies, they were best friends, working together with other Mutants against a common nemesis. Chronicling the “why’s” of the philosophical rift between the two main characters—and the resulting clash of their teams in other X-Men movies—X-Men: First Class is a first class flick that effectively quenched the thirst of all geek hearts that has marveled the waning Marvel classic franchise (okaay, I’ll stop having fun with puns now).

x-men-first-class_610x3551THE FIRST CLASS in the Mutant’s school of awesome! *confetti*

With a plotline that keeps you on the edge of the seat, a well-rounded cast of characters, and a metaphorical message that is still relevant to our society today, this is easily the best superhero film that I’ve seen this year. The actors did a great job in bringing to life the beloved comics characters, though of course I commend Michael Fassbender’s performance as Magneto the most.

As someone who likes alternate histories with a touch of science fiction in it, I loved that the important chunk of events in the story are overlapped with the Cuban Missile Crisis during the Cold War. Sebastian Shaw’s plan to ensure that the missiles arrive in Cuba in order to commence World War III (and then make sure that Mutants will take over the world) is made of ass-kicking awesome. I’m not rooting for his team, but the clichéd antagonistic schemes look amazing when translated to the screen. XD

SUPERHERO BROMANCE: Charles Xavier (James McAvoy) & Erik Lensherr (Michael Fassbender)

Anyone who doesn’t see the “bromantic” connection between Charles and Erik needs to wear The Magic Goggles of the Obvious. :p Haha.  James McAvoy even called it a “love story”, but let’s don’t go there anymore, kaay? Charles is kind of an egotistic, condescending genius and Erik is fueled by revenge and rage, but they click together as partners-in-crime (or anti-crime, whatever you want). They also consider each other as trusted friends. All along they think they’re the same, but the heartbreaking scene at the beach near the end of the movie reveals the crevice between their beliefs. The non-spoiler-ish dialogue:
Erik: *looking down at a wounded Charles on his lap* We want the same thing.
Charles: I’m sorry, my friend. But we do not.
Fangirl Heart: *breaks*
Anyway, it’s the kind of tandem that reminds me of Watson-Holmes. Needless to say, it’s a new favorite. :)

nsbdWELL HELLO THERE KATNISS: For a moment there I thought she’s going to give him the famous upside-down Spiderman kiss. :p

It’s Jennifer Lawrence, more known to The Hunger Games fans as the actress who will portray Katniss Everdeen in the big screen adaptation of the THG trilogy. Raven/Mystique didn’t kick so much ass in this flick, but I know that if she did, she’s going to magnetize all the attention (pun not intended). That said, I’m expecting The Hunger Games movie to rock.

Moving on, I’ve mentioned before a “metaphorical message” of the movie that is applicable to our society. What I’m talking about is appearances. Raven/Mystique is a shape-shifter and having an original blue form makes her feel more of an outsider. Mutants normally are, but some can blend in with the crowd. If it weren’t for her abilities she wouldn’t even be able to go outside. Hank/Beast feels the same thing, so he formulates a “cure” that can make them appear normal. I loved the be-proud-of-who-you-are/no-need-to-hide stuff that Erik always tells Raven. :) The message is connected to our society today that has an ugly perception of beauty. A non-verbatim heartbreaking exchange:
Raven: We don't need to hide…
Hank: We may save the world tomorrow, but you have to accept that in our society your blue form and my big feet are never going to be deemed beautiful..
Raven’s heart and Fangirl Heart: *break*

asdwqeqFIRST AS A TEAM: Erik, “Banshee”, Charles, Moira, “Mystique”, and “Havok”

What makes this movie more exceptional are the funny moments that are perfectly juxtaposed with the serious ones. Like that training time with the guys, with Banshee being pushed off a window trying to improve his skill by using his scream instead of just a whistle, or that time when Moira mentions a kiss in a CIA meeting. Then there are course the epic cameos!

Wolverine has an uncredited appearance here! When Erik and Charles are locating Mutants that may want to join them, they go up to Logan/Wolverine (Hugh Jackman) in a bar. But before they can even make a proposition, Logan tells them to “Go f*** yourself.” That elicited laughter in the movie house.

There’s also a scene where Raven/Mystique is trying to seduce Erik. Erik of course thinks she’s too young and says something along the lines of “maybe in a few years..” Seemingly challenged, Raven transforms to Rebecca Romjin, the actress who portrays the older Mystique in other adaptations. That also made the moviegoers laugh. XD

All in all an amazing movie! Some visual effects are not convincing, but they're just small flaws. I’ll certainly watch it again if I have a chance. :)

You know what's keeping my fangirl adrenaline going, though? Fox Entertainment said they're envisioning to make the "First Class" franchise a freaking trilogy. PLEASE MAKE THIS A REALITY! :)


  1. Officially a trilogy now with Apocalypse for 2016!~

    I look forward to your thoughts about Days of Future Past which is probably the best X-Men film to date :)

  2. ...dang, I just realized how FANGIRLY this post sounded. Good thing I put a disclaimer at the top, haha!

    I've watched DoFP ages ago but was too busy to write a review for it at that time. I think a rewatch is in order.

    YESSS! I can't wait for the next movie! <3

    1. As a rabid Cherik shipper, this post is NOT fangirly enough in my standards, actually :) I just re-watched DOfP last December with a friend alongside First Class (which I've watched the fourth time by that point) and they're both so magical in their own way. I'm so glad they have a new franchise again that brought back characters they never should have killed in the Last Stand (Cyclops, Jean) or de-powered (Rogue, Mystique, Magneto). I follow you so I can see your update in my dashboard and I will keep my eye on your DOfP post, no doubt! :)