Friday, June 10, 2011

Translators in the Clouds and God’s Magic Ears

One boring Tuesday several weeks ago, I was aimlessly flipping through TV channels and then chanced upon an old local movie in Cinema One. There was this scene where a kid and his mom went to church. As they settled on the pew, the kid looked around and observed a lot of people—most of them sad and teary-eyed—kneeling and praying to God. The kid asked his mom in Tagalog, “Ma, does God get confused when a lot of people pray to Him? They’re so many.”

A typical kid’s query, of course. I used to have a similar question back when I was but a wee thing, one that I was able to formulate after nights of hunching in front of the TV watching tear-jerker flicks or sob stories in news: “Ma, don’t you think they should speak clearly when they pray or ask for God’s help? He would not understand them.” In my defense, I was seven, okay? The people in those movies and news items were practically wailing/gasping/crying for justice and God’s help, and my young ears couldn’t get a clear word out of the sound bites they were producing.

Over time I learned about and believed in God’s omnipotence; the questions above baffle me no longer. Every time people beseech and kneel, even if there are no audible words, even if all their prayers are reduced to the language of sighs and sobs, I learned that God would understand them—maybe even make the angels sing, as if those sounds are music after all. Any broken soul that prays would want God to refract those sounds, to answer the pleas. I learned that whatever we ask would always be answered, though not always in the form we’re expecting. Opening our hearts and all our senses is the best way to perceive His responses. :) We should always be thankful for them.

Whenever kids would ask me similar questions—especially when I’m visiting Vacation Bible School—usually I give playful answers like “God understands those different languages because He created mystical clouds that translate those words upon entering heaven,” or “He has powerful, magic ears!” The kids would nod in awe, and even in those child-friendly choice of words they recognize the power of God. :’)

okay random musings end

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