Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Super Airiz' Superpowers (I Wish)

Guess who’s got some sort of a flick hangover? *raises hands in mock surrender*

Actively lurking in a myriad of websites dominated by the X-Men: First Class fandom for a couple days, I stumbled upon a random thread with the topic: “if you have superpowers, what would they be?” Most of the responses in the thread—specifically the “whys” of their choice of power—had me chuckling for a while. Seriously, x-ray vision? You don’t need to stretch your imagination too far to know the reason they opted for that, but hearing it straight from those geeky guys made it more hilarious.

Anyway I asked myself the question too, and just for fun I’m going to post my five answers in no particular order.

Superhero_by_AmandaSupakIf a lollipop can be a superhero, I can too! LOL

#1: Telepathy. Perhaps in most people’s personal dictionary this is synonymous to grave mental trespassing. But come on! Who doesn’t want to read, communicate with, and control other minds? This is a rather cliché choice, but I quite agree that it’s an awesome ability…you know, barging through people’s brains and accessing their most private thoughts. That sounds a little evil, but imagine a life where no one can lie to you because you know what exactly they’re thinking. :p Initially I wanted to have the ability to see auras, but why choose that if I can have the whole package? *greedy much?* I want to have it controlled though. There are some thoughts that I don't want to hear of course. *hint hint*

#2: Empathy. Gross, right? After wanting to break through people’s skulls to see their naked brains, now I want to barge into their ribcages and toy with their hearts. Or yeah, go back to the brains and manipulate the hypothalamus and other responsible brain parts, if you’re a freaking nitpicky science buff. Hmph. But please be rest assured that in wanting to have this power I don’t intend to steal Cupid’s arrow-toting job; that’s all his, thank you very much. Maybe I want it just to make someone feel calm or okay when they’re having a problem or something. Most of the time that’s my problem—I always fumble for the right comforting words to say to make someone feel alright, but the words simply wouldn’t come. :’(

Possessing this ability, though, is a double-edged sword. The main meaning of empathic powers, which is of course related to simple English word, is vicariously experiencing someone else’s feelings. That won’t be of much fun if this can’t be controlled because you can feel someone’s agony or sadness. :p

#3. Time Manipulation. Kin of time traveling! Controlling the flow of time—reversing it, slowing it, fast-forwarding it, even stopping it—sounds awesome, huh? It’s the power that every normal person wants to have, especially those who have grave regrets or what-ifs or even those who can’t wait to see the future. Technically that means everyone. But having this power is totally useless if you can’t change events in any time period (think about the Grandfather Paradox).

#4. Invisibility. Right. There are times when I want to disappear, not because of the problems that I’m facing but because sometimes I can find company in solitude. Being invisible is perhaps the epitome of isolation…not that I want to be a pariah or anything! Haha! There are a lot of fun stuff that one can do in an invisible state, but I think I don’t have the guts to do any of those (I blame various episodes of the local TV show Wansapanataym for the good ol’ lesson it planted in my head as a little girl).

#5. Levitation. Who wants to defy gravity? Me! I don’t mind having wings, but I think it’s better if I’ll just have Tinkerbell sprinkle me with her fairy dust. I want to fly to the sky and have a chat with a few cherubic cloud attendants over a cup of hot chocolate. *chortles* Kidding aside, I’ve always wanted to fly ever since I had a panoramic view of the city from a rooftop for the first time. I remember having the urge to jump when I looked down and the feel of the wind on my skin was priceless. The want was intensified when I had my first Ferris Wheel ride when the carnival went to our community half a score of fiestas ago. It must feel  great, floating over the cities and being overwhelmed by the feeling of sudden freedom. :)


And that’s that!  I enjoyed writing this post, not only because it made me dredge up my inner kid to help me answer the question but also because it had me thinking. Wishing to be a superhero is harmless, but everyone should keep in mind that we are superheroes in our own little ways. We don’t need to have these superpowers to save others or to save ourselves. A bucketful of faith, a pocketful of inspiration, and fistfuls of love—these are often enough to substitute for the abilities only fictional characters seem to possess. :)

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