Sunday, June 19, 2011


father, n.
- a male parent | an old man; used as a respectful form of address | a man who creates, originates, or founds something (from the Merriam-Webster Dictionary).

father, n.
- the very first man in the world that I ever really loved| that awesome man whose job (aside from the one where he’s getting paid in form of money) is to teach us how to be strong and disciplined; this in turn would be compensated with love and respect | a man who, instead of being made up of bones and flesh, is made up of all kinds of awesomeness | the most handsome man on earth, that's why he's got the most beautiful woman in the planet (aka Mother) | SEE ALSO: Ricarte Caasi Casta (from the Bottom of Airiz Casta's Heart)

With papa at a post-graduation family date.

Screw Marvel and DC Comics! Even if he has no bizarre costume or mutation of any kind, my father would always be the most powerful superhero that my world would ever have—the perfect match for my Supermom, as evidenced by this post. Swishing a cape of life lessons, battling everyday's little evils in the confines of his workplace, steeling himself for the unexpected jabs that life might throw his way…when everything’s done he’ll remove his protective armor and melt, because at the end of the day, his family would always be his heart’s kryptonite.

Like ma he’s got X-Ray Vision too: he can see through me like my skin’s transparent, and what’s more fun is that he seems to share what he sees inside my head: the geekiness about science fiction and fantasy, the penchant for faux boxing matches or pillow fights, dining table discussions about oddball stuff that only the two of us in the family can understand...'ya know, that kind of silly things. It gets deeper when it needs to—he can know what I love, dislike, or fear without any effort. He must be some sort of modern genie too, because those little wishes he’ll see in my head, he’ll grant them if he can…and most of the time, he indeed can—material or otherwise (not hard on the material part because I don't ask for too expensive gizmos or the like). He’s the partner to my other crutch that is mama, ones that I use whenever I get punched out by life so much that I think I can’t handle it anymore. Mama provides a life compass; he provides the map. His presence alone radiate happiness to me, pulling up the sides of my mouth during bad days. The best kind of superheroes, I believe, are the ones that can make your heart flutter without using any real superpower. :)

However, there's more to him than being just a he-saves-the-day kind of a superhero. If he saves me once, he'll save me next time by teaching me to save myself. He lets me see how the world devices its own games and knows that in order to survive every stage, I need to learn the tricks of the trade. :) He wordlessly tells me that those stars are never going to crash onto my palms so I need to stretch my wings and jump...with him providing a springboard.

If only I could present the Nobel Peace Prize of Awesome to him like what I planned to give ma, I really would. But I guess non-existent medals or rewards could not rival the best prize he should receive: love and respect from me, from both his daughters. So I’d give him all the compensation he deserved, and like Mother’s Day, I’d make Father’s Day an everyday holiday. :) I know that shedding my cocoon of ‘teenagedom’ this coming August would be kind of hard for the most obvious of reasons, but if I were to emerge into the world of adulthood as a butterfly, I know my wings would not be as fragile as glittered paperboards. And you know why those wings are going to be sturdy? It’s because my parents made them that way.

I really don't want to go cheeseballs on this, but there's no other way to say this clearly.
Love you pa and ma. :D

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