Sunday, June 12, 2011

Dorky Dhadudes :)

 You have to understand, I could not quite contain the fangirl bliss that gripped my dorky heart after watching the movie X-Men: First Class (ha-ha-ha). Hence another post sort of related to it…and to my father.

Knowing that he’d be thrilled to know if the flick’s any good, I immediately texted him after exiting the movie house yesterday:


No surprise here—I expected the reaction. XD I blathered a little more about the movie but gave no heavy spoilers; if there’s anything in the world I was sure of that moment when we’re texting, it’s that he’d watch it too.

Pa’s always been a sci-fi/fantasy movie buff, and to me he’s like the potato couch equivalent of my inner bookworm. That’s why we have a silent understanding of our addictions; there would be no comment from him on why I kept on rereading The Hunger Games or Zombies vs Unicorns, and there would be no comment from me on why he kept on re-watching the re-runs of Star Wars on HBO for one whole week. The only difference is that sometimes I’d plunge to the sofa and join him watch, and he’d talk ceaselessly about the portions I missed—no questions asked. I can’t remember him asking what’s happening in my novels. :p

Anyway, whenever someone would make a remark about our geeky similarities, I’ll just say—in jest—that it’s in the genes. :p

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