Monday, May 9, 2011

Post Graduation Ruminations

The Beginning of the End (and vice versa)

We write our own life’s stories. Last April 30, 2011, we Lyceans blotted the last page of the latest chapters with an inky period: GRADUATION. Flip the page—time to write the next chapter!


I know it’s a cliché, but I must concur that the best way to describe the ending of college life and moving on to work in our respective fields is to compare it to a book: one chapter ends, another one starts. I’ve been reading and reviewing books for years, and when I look back and do some introspection about my life right now, what I’m imagining is close to a novel-format (I know I’m not the only one! But just in case, let’s just blame the bookworm in me here, okay?). It’s practically got everything, from flashbacks of the character in the first POV to the twists, turns, and loopholes of the plot; from the cool sidekicks and partners-in-crimes to the creepy goons and villains; from the initial build-up, the climax, to the dénouement.

They are all the literary ingredients that were tossed in the bubbling cauldron of our college life—stir, stir!—until the product is presented in the end: people who are armed with knowledge and experience but are definitely welcoming more in the succeeding chapters of our lives.

There’s a lot to miss in student's life at LPU. It has taught me a lot of things because whether I’m inside or outside our classroom, it’s shoving an awful lot of nuggets of wisdom down my throat. We learn every day about academics and relationships. We cry, we laugh, we bellyache, we procrastinate, and we laugh some more. Learning proved to be easier when we’re having fun. Problems do appear, but why wallow in worry? :D There’s our circle of friends. There’s your family. There’s God. There’s the wonderful creature that is called “you”. Optimism is hard sometimes, but it’s the best way to enjoy the college-coaster-ride.

One thing about college? It contributes a lot to our growing up. We will never forget that.

The Never Agains

Never again would I groan when the mechanical call of my phone's alarm clock--signal that another long school day is in order--shakes me out of slumberland (times when I force myself to get up anyway because I know I haven't done my homework last night).

Never again would I squish myself in a Sardines-Can-on-Wheels (more popularly known as the LRT) while I glance nervously at the station's clock, afraid that I might be late for the first class.

Never again would I stop at Park and Ride to buy a couple of chocolate-filled waffles because I skipped breakfast. Or at 7-Eleven and buy C2/bottled water.

Never again would I complain quietly about the lack of network signal as I walk in the underpass, attempting to text my classmates, "nasagutan mo ba yung Pagsubok 3?" or "nakapag-review ka na ba sa JPL? May quiz diba?"

Never again would I walk on the cobblestones of the gardens leading to the Parian, frowning at the grass and thinking, "Nung freshman pa kami diyan lagi kami tumatambay eh."

Never again would I cross the almost-broken drawbridge and greet former classmates who are on their way home.

Never again would I fumble for my ID (nervous that I might have left it at home, oh no!), standing in front of JPL's statue, and swipe it as I enter the school.

Never again would I stop on the stairs on my way to the third floor, fish out my inhaler, and take a few sprays.

Never again would I comment on the canteen's expensive meals and yet continue to buy there (like I have a choice when there's so little time).

Never again would I roll my eyes whenever the vendors in the canteen will give a couple of candies as change because they don't have coins.

Never again would I worry about library books' due dates.

Never again would I drop by the Sentinel's office before class, if ever I'm early.

Never again would I experience the joy of being a Sentinel staffer, writing for the paper with love, and making new friends in and outside the circle I've always known since I was a freshie.

Never again would I stay up late at night to do an assignment, and yet I spent all the time on Facebook and Tumblr so I end up promising myself to wake up early to finish all school stuff.

Really...there are so many never agains. I never really thought much about them until I returned my rented graduation gown last week. I would never be a freshie, sophie, junior, or senior Lycean again. The notion pinches my heart a little. But what can I do? I have to move forward. I can look back and laugh and cry at the memories. All I can do is treasure them, and acknowledge that all of these became a part of me as a student. :')

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