Monday, May 9, 2011


mother, n.
- a female parent | a woman in authority; specifically : the superior of a religious community of women | an old or elderly woman (from the Merriam-Webster Dictionary).

mother, n.
- that awesome woman whose job is to give love and care and teach me the best lessons in life and make sure I grow up well, and in turn would want to receive her daily salary--love and respect | a woman who, instead of being made up of bones and flesh, is made up of all kinds of awesomeness | the most beautiful woman on earth, that's why she's got the most handsome guy in the planet (aka Father) | SEE ALSO: Ana Theresa Adrid Casta (from the Bottom of Airiz Casta's Heart)

Me and mama at a family post-graduation date

Nineteen years and counting. It's amazing how mama can put up with a stubborn creature like me (but then again, she's able to tolerate my younger sister, who's technically the Queen of Hardheadedness). I don't really know what I'll do without her. Unlike other mama's girls, she isn't exactly my "best" best friend; she's never been my diary. Yes, she's my confidante sometimes but most of the time I just keep to myself. Andbutso like what other people are saying, mothers are superheroines. For one, they have Special X-Ray Visions. Mama sees through my walls--she knows what I fear, what I worry about, what I love, what would make me smile--almost everything, even if I'm not breathing a word about it. When I seem to lose my way, she'll fish out her Life Experiences' Compass and hand it to me, through her stories and comforting words. She's my cushion when I fall. She's my nebulizer when life punches the breath out of me. She uses her special Healing Powers, ones that can be conveyed through touch or mere words. It's an amazing mother thing, really.

She may not be able to read this blog post, but I'll show her how I love and appreciate her in the ways I know. She--along with all the loving, responsible mothers in the world--deserves a Nobel Peace Prize for Awesome. Since there's no such thing as that, I should at least continue to give her rewards everyday, the ones I indicated in my own definition of the word "mother" above. Make her feel like a queen everyday because I know that, in a way, she is. Show her my love and gratitude everyday in all the ways I can. Be her hope everyday.

Who needs to remember the date for Mother's Day when we can make it everyday?

Love you ma. :p


  1. To tita. you're awesome because you have made Airiz to grow up as an awesome individual too. Kung wala ka at si Tito Rick, pano na lang kami? wala kaming Airiz. haha

    1. Nagcomment ka pala dito mamu! Haha ngayon ko lang nakita. :)) Happy mom's day din to Madam Iliganie! Thanks for bringing Mamu to us! :))