Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Tip of a Pizza Slice

My parents and I were eating pizza last Sunday at the mall. After his seemingly endless comments on my bland gustatory life because I never liked spicy food, my father began to notice the way I was eating my pizza: crust first.

I shrugged. "Just something I read in a book. David Sedaris, you know him? He wrote a short essay about...wishing." Another shrug. Coins in wells and fountains, shooting stars, falling eyelashes, wishbones, and the like--my parents knew my penchant for doing this "wishing" stuff, and had refrained wondering why I believe in them even if I'm aware they don't have an iota of scientific basis. I couldn't explain it myself, and all I knew was that my inner child comes out when it comes to these things. There's always no harm in them anyway.

"There's a character who told him to eat the crust of pizza first, then make his way to the tip," I continued. "When he reached the tip, he can make a wish."

They gave me a few deadpanned responses, and then they left me to my wishing pizza tip. Well, at least they continued munching on their slices from the bottom, enjoying the hot sauce that they said a treasure I was depriving my tongue of. I ate my pizza and stared at the triangular piece of bread that was smaller than my thumb, thinking of a wish. I wasn't surprised at all when the first thing I thought of was connected to the job I wanted to have after graduation. Poof!

Of course I didn't hope for magic--I didn't wish for a megastar job, I wished that I could find a job soon. My father was encouraging me to take a master's degree and while I wish to do it, I want to pay for my own tuition. The first baby step I should take is--of course--finding a job. It would be an ecstatic thing, I reckon, to be able to support yourself by your own money. I need to learn more, and when I think I'm all ready, that's when I'm going to catapult myself into the skies and catch my star. :D

Sedaris said something along the lines of: "That's the problem with wishes: they ensnare you." I make it a point to never let that happen. Of course there's nothing wrong with wishing and dreaming big, but in my book, wishing is only a waste of time if all you're going to do is wallow in the illusory shine of the stars you're trying to reach or wait for a genie to make your dreams come true. I have dreams but I consider them my fuel--not the latch I'm holding on desperately to.

Thousands of pizza tips will never be enough for someone who hopes for everything to fall in place without doing anything.  So yeah, time to oil my cogwheels and gears--take directions from Everyone's Guide, God--and don't waste the fuel! Rev up: we'll be graduating in four days!

"Now you're starting with the tip," my father observed while I was nibbling on my last slice. I just gave him a knowing smile. My first slice, I ate with the crust first; my last slice with the tip. If it's not the best food analogy about this wish-and-reality thingy, I don't know what is.

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