Monday, April 11, 2011

Taking Off The Training Wheels

Last week, a rehearsal for the commencement exercises was held by our school. It wasn't formal: scattered laughters were consistent throughout the rehearsal, and everybody was having fun mimicking the professors or just being their goofy selves. Even the professors were inserting their own japes onstage. Be that as it may, no one could deny their excitement for the graduation day.

"For sure, maiiyak ako sa PICC."

"Nakaka-excite. Ilang days nalang magmamartsa na tayo!"

"Ilang araw nalang ang nalalabi...naaamoy ko na ang diploma..."


I myself couldn't wait. Six years in elementary school, four years in high school, four years in college...we spent more than half of our lives as students, and now we could see the bend in the road--a new beginning. What do you think we want to do? Rev up and swerve, of course! And from that point, we ask ourselves: now where do we go? Are we sure that the world has a place for each of us?

These are big question marks. I remember that there was a portion in the CE where we would toss our graduation caps in the air. I wasn't positive what it's about--from one source I heard it signifies the students' hard-earned accomplishments. Then someone told me it symbolizes how high our dreams would be after we step out of the school.

I mulled over about it for a while, asking myself why we should hurl it up and rejoice...and then the thought struck me. It was a celebration of what we're going to leave behind! What we would be throwing away was the students' life. I understood how everybody was so eager to leave this phase of our lives and to step out into the world. We wouldn't be little girls or little boys anymore; we would make big choices that could make or break everything that we build. When we step on that stage to receive our diplomas, we would also be taking off our training wheels. "Rehearsals are over," I could almost hear a voice in my head say. "It's show time, finally."

After the training wheels are gone, we couldn't trust anyone to provide us crutches or maps that could guide us where to go next. Life compasses could go haywire. There were no guarantees about our positions in the world; even if we set our destinations, no one would assure us that we would have slots reserved for us. We would take the twists and turns in the road, encounter detours, pass some humps--and oh! Was that a manhole? Kidding aside, my point is that we're never sure what tomorrow brings. Plan A, Plan B, even if you have everything up to Plan Z, those could all go awry when one unforeseen storm  in our chosen career will sweep it all up.

Sometimes, you don't need to squint and look hard for the answers. I'm not sure about what I would do, but I'm positive that looking up to Him and shrugging up our taut backpacks of experiences up our shoulders--ready when needed--will help us walk safely towards the direction of our dreams.

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