Friday, April 1, 2011

Bidding my Sentinel Family Goodbye

I would never forget those silly moments after our year-end meeting, just outside the office, when all members of the Lyceum Independent Sentinel swaddled each other in tight group hugs and wacky poses--for one last time as staffers for the year 2010-2011.


I don't know if anyone else thought of it this way, but I felt as if everything there--the arms wrapped around each other, the shameless laughter, the unending teases and the comical taunts about the unreleased honorarium--just signaled that we've rebuilt another figurative home for ourselves, with promises of keeping in touch and excellence for the next issues as the foundation. We've always considered ourselves member of the same family. Saying goodbye didn't seem so hard for anyone there, and you know why? Because everybody knows it's not really the end.

That has always been the rule, hasn't it? Once a Sentinel family member, always a Sentinel family member. :)

Maybe not everyone's aware of it, but we're all each other's teachers. I learned a lot—and taught a lot, I’m proud to say—in being a part of the school paper. And it’s not just about being a journalist and a writer. It's about relationships too: friendship, love (and the ever-present friendship-ish love or love-ish friendship), sisterhood and brotherhood. Never would I be the person I am today without the people from Sentinel who came into my life and printed indelible marks in my heart.

We are different kinds of people thrown in an office that became the extension of our home. Now that I'm graduating, I hope that everyone who'll be in charge of our home will take care of it the best way they can. I trust the ones who we’re going to leave, so I wouldn’t worry that much. But like a parent who’s going out of town and leaving the kids behind, we’ll always check on in them. :)

I’ll especially miss my section, the Literary. I enjoyed being the LE very much, partially because I've always been in love with literature so it never felt like working, and partially because it encouraged me more to pursue my dreams. I made sure I give it my best, content-wise and design-wise (with the help of the ever-perfectionist Debbie). What made it better is that I came into partnership with Raisa, the Assistant Literary Editor. She’s a gem, a brilliant one...and blunt, too. Once in the teambuilding, she chided me in a letter that I should at least act like a boss, especially that the Imaginaccion at that time is looming close in the horizon. Here’s the message I left on her FB page:


Anyway, I’ll certainly miss everyone. I won’t mention their names anymore and I don’t want to sound melodramatic—I’ll just say that my experience as a Sentinel staffer is a very memorable one, and I will treasure it forever.

Ending this blog post with so much love for the Sentipeeps,
Airiz :)

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