Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Of College Quizzes and Pointless Banters

For almost a week now, my little sister has been reviewing for her exams/recitations in her Logic and Constitution subjects. She will just sit quietly in a corner, her nose buried in a book or a self-made reviewer written in a yellow paper. It's the first time I ever saw her getting serious in her studies--never once in her high school or elementary life did she ever read her notes at home before an exam. I started teasing her about it, and for the most part she would just duck sheepishly; sometimes she would shoot something not-very-witty back, and that would start our hilarious (but really pointless) banters.

For so many times she would ask for my help--about the liberty of abode, or the bill of rights, about the types of logical oppositions and premise conversions. Sometimes, when I would pass her without a comment, she would ask me for tips about memorizing/reviewing. I tried my best to help her, and I'm glad to say it's working for her.

I don't know, but the moment Aila asked me to help her, I felt as if a missing piece of our sisterhood has found its way to our little jigsaw puzzle. Maybe because I've seen siblings helping each other in doing their homeworks and I've never experienced it until now. I'm not really sure and it's a bit too shallow, but that's what it felt like. Aila is a proud girl and would normally do her own thing, turning down suggestions from others and succeeding on her own. I would respect whatever she wants because she wouldn't accept any help from me anyway, and I usually just leave her alone when it comes to academics. When she called me over and requested for some review sessions, I was more than ready to say yes.

from our LOGIC review session :)

Our review sessions are fun. I will try to simplify everything for her to understand; she would insert snide remarks about how her professors make everything so complicated, then she would proceed to mimic their weird mannerisms before I pulled her back into focus. She's a fast learner (or 'understander'?) and I never felt so much fun before when helping someone else studying. She's so precious. Sometimes, when I came home from school, she would share her irritation about how the quiz was cancelled after reviewing for it, then would request another session. XD I love it when she pulls her sheepish face when she says that haha.

I don't want for her 'hell week' to be over secretly. It might be a bit shallow, but I love having these sessions with her. :)

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