Thursday, August 12, 2010

Three Fic Picks

For tonight, I'll share three female fictional characters (from books, animated series, and TV sitcoms/dramas) that I think the world should have in real life. Or rather, MY world should have. LOL, just for kicks.

Well...we need a fifteen-year-old Queen to take over the world. Haha. Kidding aside, I think a lot of people nowadays lack the guts to stand up for their ideals. Relena is young, but she's a paragon of integrity and hope, and she always makes it a point to uphold her late father's beliefs. In my eyes, she also symbolizes growth; she has her own foibles but as the show goes on, she changes and matures for the better. :)

Once in human history, Relena Peacecraft walked the earth...
in the body of Audrey Hepburn. :D

Because if a Relena is going to exist in my life, there should be a Dorothy, too. Yeah, that's sort of automatic. This time, she'll be running a local Veridian-Dynamics-like corporation...and maybe she'll take over the world, too (Dorothy did in the Frozen Tear novel). She can be an irritating boss, but little world will surely be hilarious with her. LOL.

The reason I listed Alaska here is rather personal. She's from the book Looking for Alaska by John Green. In a previous post, I said I do not have much similarities with her, aside maybe from her love for literature. I'm going to take that back. She's prolly my polar opposite in the outside, but as I read on and unfold the enigma that is her, I know she's going to be a good buddy. Someone who'll understand why I am who I am now, judging by the way she talks and reasons. I'll be glad to be friends with someone like Alaska. :)

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