Thursday, August 19, 2010

Piece by piece I pick up 12 o'clock...

...because there's no other way of assembling this puzzle I call 'tomorrow' other than by putting together the fragments of reflections I made for today.

Yesterday, too many realizations were shoved under my nose; now I'm positive that I know who and what I really love, who I should trust and care about, that the quickest way is sometimes the longest, and that not everyone who will lend their ears to me are worthy of hearing my secrets--especially the darkest and most important. Sadly, after a striking realization, I remembered how I spilled my 'most important secret' to people who did not even value it. It felt like I have given my consent to someone who wanted to rob me, and those robbers just threw away what I surrendered because they cannot find the value in it.  I'm more careful now; the situations are clarified a hundredfold, and it only took a movement of a muscle to lift those magnifying lenses up. Not repeating mistakes is a sign of progress, and, well, who does not want progress? :P

Notes to self: when you know what you love and what you want, you can fly, but for the most part you're just an Icarus and must keep a safe distance from the sun. When you know who you should trust, you're safe. When you know who you should care about, you are fulfilled. When order seems to be slightly disrupted, sport the veneer of civility because it always works. :)

Oh well.

I learn, I grow up, and I have many regrets. After so many confirmations about my hunches, I know I've chosen the right path and I don't have regrets of any sort about that.

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