Friday, August 6, 2010

Bad news: Time flies! Good news: I'm the pilot!

The first week of August rolled fast and eventful while I juggle school, Sentinel, stint work, and play with time management and lots of multivitamins. Tomorrow’s Saturday and I was glad to say that my mile-long list of to-do’s was halved already. The sense of satisfaction I feel at the end of the day, I think, contributed a lot in the set of smile-inducing dreams at night. :)

“Hedonistic Mondays” series continues, of course. I refer to it as the sweetest slice in my Time Management cake because…that’s the truth. Haha. I made it a point to give myself some time that I can enjoy, outside all the work and acads stuff. I’m not the typical shopping-party-gimmick girl; one definition of “happy times” in my dictionary is having lively convos with someone whom I share a lot of interests with. I’m glad to have a fanfic writer friend just two train rides away from me. :) Okay, so for the third time, I and Robyn chatted and dined at the ever-so-cozy Xocolat. Last Monday I managed to see practically everything in her laptop: the arts she commissioned, works in progress in her FFN account, GW fan-vids, a sneak peek at some Lafayette scenes in a True Blood season 3 episode (which is made of awesome), thesis-related files and all that jazz. She’s amazing. No Xocolat next Monday, she told me; we’re going to have our date at Teriyaki Boy. Yaay! *practices to pick something by using ballpens as chopsticks*

The slice that has the luscious maraschino cherry (lol) is the Sentinel. Well, the first issue should be completely laid out tonight. I went to school today to help our layout artist in designing the literary page, which we thought was hard at first. I really wish I knew everything about InDesign. LOL. Good thing old staffers passed by the office this afternoon and helped us, the pressure was sort of diminished. We also discussed some Imagginaccion issues. Pretty soon, I’m going to give this part the fattest slice.

For stint work…that constitutes the frosty icing. It gave me a migraine at first, but everything became so stress-free after I got the hang of the whole thing. For acads, which is the fleshiest part…I think it’s all going alright at the moment. August 19’s the start of the midterm exams so I really need to zero in on studies soon. :O

I’m planning to reenter fanfiction writing and extreme bookworming (lol) in the later part of the month...even if it’ll just be the sprinkles on the top of the cake. I hope I can do that. LOL.

So that’s it for an RL update. It’s really true that when you love your work, it doesn’t feel like working at all. I’m quite enjoying my juggling performance at our real life’s Big Top. :D

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