Monday, August 30, 2010

Review: The Hunger Games

Get a few fragments of Battle Royale and some from Survivor, weave them together, throw in a storyline that will keep you at the edge of your seat, add three-dimensional characters, a dash of drama, suspense, romance—and voila! You just have one awe-inspiring YA novel in your hand: The Hunger Games.

The Hunger Games
is the story of Katniss Everdeen, a sixteen-year-old girl living with her mother and little sister in the 12th district of Panem, the remains of what used to be the North America. There was a rebellion a long time ago waged by the districts against the Capitol, but it did not become successful. The surrender terms require each district to send a boy and a girl tribute to a televised event called “the Hunger Games”, where all participants should kill one another until there is one survivor left. Katniss took the place of her younger sister in the games, and on she goes to the arena, fighting for survival not only for herself but also for the people she loves the most.

One thing about The Hunger Games: it lives up to all the hype.

I’ve never been this engrossed to a dystopian young adult novel before.  I always make it a point to be really careful before jumping to a certain bandwagon because I don’t want to be disappointed—I ask people who I trust to have sound judgment when it comes to literature, I read blurbs and reviews, listen to discussions about the book. I’m more than glad I gave The Hunger Games a try.

What I really liked about this story is that I did not catch myself yawning in ennui while reading the parts that do not have much action in them. Sure, the book is chock-full with a lot of suspenseful moments, but there are some rooms in the book that are definitely left uncharted by the author to let the characters grow, in a way that is never boring in the eyes of the reader.

With that said, I can say the book’s also teeming with characters that are sure to leave some kind of dent in your heart. I really admire how Collins molded the main characters: Katniss is this cynical but utterly determined girl, possessing a rather amusing case of candor and foibles. Peeta—Katniss’ co-tribute in the Games—is a kind, charismatic but a tad reticent young boy. I find it droll how Katniss seems to be so naïve about Peeta’s not-so-secret feelings for her; the readers will easily figure out that Peeta is not faking it. I have to admit it’s an endearing trait of our heroine, one that distinguishes her more from cliché protagonists of novels like this. I may even say it gives more depth to her role—anyone out there who heard how Katniss formulate her introspections will understand this.

As for relationship development, it is excellent. Collins takes her time building all the little bridges to create the connection, the tags along the rhythm of the story's pace. There’s nothing too cloying or sappy, just enough to make a reader unconsciously raise a hand to push against his heart. It is intricately structured, much more of a foundation for something bigger. I’ll wait for Catching Fire and Mockingjay to confirm that.

Also, I thought Collins did a good job in shaping the brutal reality behind the televised event, because, well, that's what happens in real life. Romance does sell to huge audiences, that’s why there are so many “fake loveteams” in almost every reality show nowadays. Katniss, being the wise skeptic that she is, “plays along” with what she thinks is Peeta’s strategy to get more sponsors. My heart goes to Peeta. Poor boy.

Anyway, I loved this story to bits. Four out of five stars from me!
See you soon, Catching Fire! :D

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Mumblings on Pride

Me: *out of nowhere* Dudette, when does pride become a virtue?
Dee: Where does that come from?
Me: ….come on.
Dee: Are we talking about the one in the seven deadly sins?
Me: No. Maybe. I’m not sure.
Dee: Haha. I know what that meant. LOL. Well, it depends on the context.
Me: Being proud as a Filipino…Hm. Pride as a product of something you’ve accomplished successfully, like in work…that’s not a sin.
Dee: No. Most world religions consider Pride as a sin, and that kind of Pride is often associated with sooper dooper high view on oneself. Narcissism, you may say, or superiority complex or whatever.
Me: That’s why modesty is its counterpart.
Dee: Yeah. If pride in the context you’re saying is a sin, then everyone in the Philippines after a successful Pacquiao fight is sinful. You freaking know what I’m talking about.
Me: I think it’s got something to do with honor, right? Pride that’s associated with honor is considered a virtue. Like when soldiers hold their heads up high, fiught for the pride of their country and whatnot…that’s a virtue.
Dee: Aristotle considered Pride as a virtue.
Me: *nods as if she can see me* Yeah. Hm. And then pride as in…not saying sorry and--
Dee: --yeah that’s a different kind of pride now. Kind of…yeah, sin. It really depends on the context.
Me: cultural context.
Dee: Yes. *pause* Ok, I have Episode Zero flashes in my head.
Me: Haha. IKR? The bratty Q changed into the fluffy piece of notorious sap that he is after he gained a higher self-esteem and took pride in himself. Nice one.

**GW stuff follows*

GAH. I'm going crazy with this Chem stuff so I have to distract myself with this. LOL. OMG CHEM I HATE YOU!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Current Read! :)

A friend's gift. Wooot! Currently enjoying this! I know I still have a heap of tomes on the bedside table that I  have to finish, but I’ve heard a lot of good reviews about this (especially from a friend whose taste in books is good) so I read it right away. :) I’m at that part where Katniss and Peeta are on their way to the capitol. Talk about chapters that really charge along at a gallop!

Of non-verbatim heart-murmurs

As I'm typing this, I'm already two hundred twenty eight months old/ nine hundred ninety one weeks old/ six thousand  nine hundred forty nine days old/ one hundred sixty six thousand five hundred eighty four hours old...

Nineteen years.

There are some things that words--or numbers--cannot say. No matter how much I'm continuing to hone my writing skill, I'm still perfectly imperfect; there are things and emotions I cannot exactly put into words. Sometimes what my heart speaks does not translate verbatim on paper. That's the way it should be. The day I turned nineteen is full of those kind of emotions, and though it may be a tad disappointing, it offered a rather beautiful enigma in my life. That's something I'm already full of, some people might say, but it's the kind of mystery that I myself must still try to put a finger on.

What I'm going to say here will probably not do any justice to what I really wanted to articulate at the moment, but I'm going to say it anyway: whatever path I chose now, I'm happy with it. I'm contented and glad about how things are turning out. Of course, like an imperfect fictional story, my life's got a lot of plot holes, but if it weren't for them I wouldn't have learned how to fix them to make the story's flow smooth. This is going to be my last birthday as a college student and the idea sort of scared me, because one of these days I know I have to live on my own.

I'm not going to babble any longer, but I'd like to share the best day of my life. No, not today. Or yesterday or the other day--

---my best day hasn't happened yet. Yes, but I'm going to make sure it will come. That will be the day that I'll make myself my parents happy; buy them our own house, and let them see that I'm going to be that person who I wanted to be since I've started to dream about it. That's my gift for myself: a concrete goal. To make everyone I love happy by reaching for own dreams. Hitting two birds with one stone? You betcha. :)

I've appreciated all the gifts that were given to me, but one that I'm most grateful for? The hope that God is sending to me every time I feel like falling into a chasm of pessimism. It really contributed a lot to me; if it weren't for that, I wouldn't be the person I am now. :)

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Piece by piece I pick up 12 o'clock...

...because there's no other way of assembling this puzzle I call 'tomorrow' other than by putting together the fragments of reflections I made for today.

Yesterday, too many realizations were shoved under my nose; now I'm positive that I know who and what I really love, who I should trust and care about, that the quickest way is sometimes the longest, and that not everyone who will lend their ears to me are worthy of hearing my secrets--especially the darkest and most important. Sadly, after a striking realization, I remembered how I spilled my 'most important secret' to people who did not even value it. It felt like I have given my consent to someone who wanted to rob me, and those robbers just threw away what I surrendered because they cannot find the value in it.  I'm more careful now; the situations are clarified a hundredfold, and it only took a movement of a muscle to lift those magnifying lenses up. Not repeating mistakes is a sign of progress, and, well, who does not want progress? :P

Notes to self: when you know what you love and what you want, you can fly, but for the most part you're just an Icarus and must keep a safe distance from the sun. When you know who you should trust, you're safe. When you know who you should care about, you are fulfilled. When order seems to be slightly disrupted, sport the veneer of civility because it always works. :)

Oh well.

I learn, I grow up, and I have many regrets. After so many confirmations about my hunches, I know I've chosen the right path and I don't have regrets of any sort about that.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Writing Prompt#1

Because it's been a long while since I last did a writing exrcise, I'm doing it now. I'm planning to go back to fanfic-writing after I finish some school paper stuff, but before I do that, I'll be writing this prompt I saw on some sort of a writer's forum yesterday. :) 

Writing prompt: Describe a building from the point of view of a man who just lost his only son in war. Do it without mentioning death, war, his son, or himself. Describe that same building at the same time of day and weather conditions, from the point of view of a man who has just discovered he's going to be a father. The same rules apply however, don't mention birth, or babies. (If you feel more comfortable change it to a woman's point of view.) The point of this is to challenge yourself to see through your characters eyes. What is ugly and brutal to one person, in one frame of mind, may not be to another.


POV of the man who lost his son in war:

The day was bidding the city farewell, and though you know there would still be daylight the next day, it was a tad unnerving when you know the night’s going to be terrifyingly long. The building was there, standing like a foreboding sword blade stuck on the ground, roughly silhouetted by the eerie blood-red splash of the sinking sun. It looked more and more baleful as the evening slowly wrapped its starless arms around the alley where it stood. There were wriggling shadows falling on the translucent windows, probably some blue-collar employees now preparing to go home. Some windows were left open; in the dim light of the dying day, they shone like pairs of holes from hell.


POV of the man who’s going to be a father:

The last rays of the day touched the windows of the building like gentle fingers, the resulting sheen akin to that of a ruby on a wedding ring. There were shadows moving across the panes from the inside, probably some workers who were excited to go back to their own families. The sinking sun pulled its butterscotch-and-strawberry glow with it as it caressed the edges of the building and plunged into the horizon, giving way to a mantle of wine-colored evening strewn with stars. And if the night was the drink, the building stood like a strong stem of an elegant wineglass, heavily festooned with precious dews that were actually some open windows with soft light emanating from the inside.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Review: Looking for Alaska

“I go to seek a Great Perhaps.”

So went Francois Rabelais’ famous last words. Am I the only one who has this urge to find his own Great Perhaps after reading John Green’s Looking for Alaska? Like Miles “Pudge” Halter, the novel’s main protagonist, I have these frequent introspections about the “wonderful beyond” that might be or might not be waiting for me when I kick off the mortal coil, along with other things everyone’s almost always asking about for centuries—all that done when I put the book down every night before I hit the sack. Because of that effect, I say that this book has indeed influenced me in some aspects of my life, shook me even just enough to make me question about some of my principles.

Looking for Alaska is a young adult novel: chock-full of teenagers who ditch classes, smoke, drink, plan and execute pranks, and find outlets for their sexual urges. I usually don’t like run-of-the-mill novels for the average teenybopper, but this book, even if containing all of the characteristics of that kind of literature, contains more depth and weight in it than most books in the same category. I’d prefer to read the likes of this than those paperbacks that are just all predictable mushiness and angst from the first page to last.

So, content: Pudge transfers to Culver Creek Boarding School and officially ends his uneventful life by joining a new circle of friends: the Colonel (aka Chip Martin), Alaska Young, Takumi Hikohito, and Lara Buterskaya. They have their own quirks and penchants, and Pudge memorizes dead people’s last words. Alaska, a mysterious and self-destructive but cheerful and book-loving girl, steals Pudge’s heart. The first part (the “Before”) is mostly consist of the friends’ (mis)adventures; the second half (the “After”) is more serious and heartbreaking. The first page of the latter shocked me; I felt what Pudge felt, because at that time I’m starting to really love and uncover the mysteriousness of the spontaneous Alaska. In my mind I wondered a lot about what Green is trying to convey, and as the remaining characters struggle with their loss, l I found out why. :’)

What I enjoyed the most (aside from the final prank) are Alaska’s enigmatic ruminations—especially the one about the labyrinth of suffering and her feministic paradigm—and Mr. Hyde’s World Religions class, usually followed by Pudge’s reflections. Those are only a few of the factors that made this book different from the others. Also, the characters are fleshed out rather well and I salute Green for being good at doing his thing. Admittedly I had a hard time relating with most of the characters mainly because 1) I don’t smoke 2) I don’t drink and 3) I don’t play pranks. But I still felt as if they’re just in the neighborhood, and I’d say creating that effect is a hard task if the reader couldn’t readily connect with them.

All in all, Looking for Alaska is a great read. I could finish the book in less than a day, but I kept on delaying because I don’t want to say goodbye to it soon. After I’ve turned the last page, it indeed felt as if I’ve said goodbye to a friend, but it’s not a bad farewell because I’ve learned a lot. :)

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Three Fic Picks

For tonight, I'll share three female fictional characters (from books, animated series, and TV sitcoms/dramas) that I think the world should have in real life. Or rather, MY world should have. LOL, just for kicks.

Well...we need a fifteen-year-old Queen to take over the world. Haha. Kidding aside, I think a lot of people nowadays lack the guts to stand up for their ideals. Relena is young, but she's a paragon of integrity and hope, and she always makes it a point to uphold her late father's beliefs. In my eyes, she also symbolizes growth; she has her own foibles but as the show goes on, she changes and matures for the better. :)

Once in human history, Relena Peacecraft walked the earth...
in the body of Audrey Hepburn. :D

Because if a Relena is going to exist in my life, there should be a Dorothy, too. Yeah, that's sort of automatic. This time, she'll be running a local Veridian-Dynamics-like corporation...and maybe she'll take over the world, too (Dorothy did in the Frozen Tear novel). She can be an irritating boss, but little world will surely be hilarious with her. LOL.

The reason I listed Alaska here is rather personal. She's from the book Looking for Alaska by John Green. In a previous post, I said I do not have much similarities with her, aside maybe from her love for literature. I'm going to take that back. She's prolly my polar opposite in the outside, but as I read on and unfold the enigma that is her, I know she's going to be a good buddy. Someone who'll understand why I am who I am now, judging by the way she talks and reasons. I'll be glad to be friends with someone like Alaska. :)

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Of New Babies, Gay Yogurts, and Dazzling Conmen

My week started off just right, and I'm practically beaming the whole day. Actually, the weekends kind of induced this good mood: I have new babies!

Last Saturday, a fellow school paper writer gave me A Cup of Comfort for Writers, along with an adorable yellow hippo bookmark which my sister nicked the moment she saw it. She hopes it will inspire me to write more, and it did, even just after reading the foreword and a couple of stories. There's something along the lines of the following that struck a chord in me: "sometimes I feel strange, like I'm an alien in my own world...that is, until I reconnect with other writers. Until I found my tribe." This is so true! Reading a writer’s ruminations and musings makes me feel I’m not alone. Also, I find it sweet that she gave me this. She told me she gifted it to herself on her last birthday. This sort of made that book really special. :)


What really made my week is Looking for Alaska. Yes! Finally I got a copy of this book, purchased it from SM North Edsa last Sunday. I haven't gotten too far, but I like what I'm seeing. I'm starting to love Alaska--from her vanilla-and-smoke scent to her cheerfully self-destructive demeanor to her walls of books in her dorm room. I don't see a lot of similarities between me and her (so far), and she's still a mystery to me, but she's like a human magnet. Got a charm that I often notice in my favorite characters. I think she will be one, after I finish this book.

I still have a lot of books to finish though. I'm continuing The Pillars of the Earth by Ken Follet. There's still a long way to go before I finish this monster of a book. I'm right at the part where the Hamleighs attacked the earl's palace. Dang, I almost texted my classmate Jedi some questions about it, and if archdeacon Waleran killed the bishop so he could acquire the position, if Jonathan will be a monk...but I decided against it. I sometimes dislike it how I always want to spoil myself. XD As for Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, I knew that I could finish this in less than a day, but I'm loving it so  much I don't want to bid farewell soon. Douglas Adams does tickle my funnybone.


In other news, Hedonistic Monday #4 was fun at Teriyaki Boy. Robyn's got a flu and kept on sneezing, but we had a good convo about GW fandom (particularly about commissions, fanmix, and yaoi fangirls who basically had no other lives aside from the one that's spent insanely shipping a non-canon pairing). She said she messed up her oral exams earlier in the afternoon, but I think she's going to be okay and receive a passing grade. :D Big meals, of course. I couldn't remember the right way of using chopsticks, but I managed to eat the meal easily until I got too full. XD For dessert we had frozen strawberry yogurt, which she referred to as the "gayest yogurt", for being too pink and too cute. :)


After bookworming last Sunday, I started to watch White Collar, a comedy-drama featuring the most gorgeous fictional conman that ever existed on the face of the earth, Neal Caffrey. I've only watched two episodes (currently downloading the third and fourth), but I'm smitten with the whole Neal-Peter partnership already. I haven't seen enough crime TV series in my life (my CSI watching's so intermittent), and it's about time I change that.

That's it for an update for tonight! I've another entry I typed before this, but I think I should just post it tomorrow. :) Tata for now! :D

Friday, August 6, 2010

Books, books, books...

These are some of my musings I have at my Tumblr about books. I provided links for the pictures that accompany the mindless ruminations. Too lazy to upload them here. Heh.

I can’t remember exactly how many times I fell in love when I’m reading. Sometimes I fall in love with a place, a refuge where my dreams and wishes can be fleshed out just with a swish of a wand or a sprinkle of pixie dust. Sometimes I fall in love with a situation, a scene that I will go back to again and again just to relive that moment and embed it in my heart. Sometimes with a character, someone I can relate to, who has admirable traits that I don’t have, or who I can use as a conduit to the world where he or she exists. Sometimes I fall in love with the writing style, which I can use as a guide to prove my own style.
I fall in and out of love for countless times. For what it’s worth, I’m just an ordinary library whore. :P

Ever have this feeling that you are not the one who found your book, but it’s the book that found you? Weird, but I sometimes feel that way, especially if I have no specific title in mind when I enter a bookstore. I’ll just walk around, examine the shelves, stop, and then there’s a certain book that will turn under my nose. I’ll pick it up, read the blurb at back, and if it strikes a chord in me, it’ll go straight to the cashier.
I don’t know if there’s such a thing as serendipity when it comes to finding books, but the treasures I purchased that way always give something that my mind and my heart are starving for the moment before I find them. :D

Sometimes my propensity to read in places where I shouldn’t leads to people thinking it’s peculiar (especially if I’m twisting and turning in weird positions at awkward intervals of turning the pages). I’m not aware it’s like that to other people—my mother just told me about it. :P I couldn’t help it; once I have a book in my hand there’s nothing else that exists but the world that sprung from it.

Admittedly there are times when I want to hug a book for making me feel what I feel when I read them. Before I stumble upon this picture, I have never thought of the concept of books hugging the readers back, for as far as I know, they’ve done more than hug a reader once their pages are turned. This image is still an adorable take on the idea, methinks. :P

Haha! Hey, it’s true. :P
It reminds me of a quote I chanced upon sometime ago (I forgot who it’s from) that goes along the lines of: “Reading is like sex, the author is the impregnator and the reader is the respondent.” The babies, of course, will be new ideas or that lasting feeling you can’t explain after you turn the last page of the book. :D

A good book can set you free; it provides escape. It will be able to take you away from reality one paragraph at a time and you will be absorbed into the world bound in its leather covers and rustling pages. Whatever it does to you—make you think, tug at your heartstrings, give you a little rest from your everyday problems—it must be good to you, because it’s you, not the main character in the book, that is the most important person when you are reading.

I just want to reiterate: a reader may appear alone physically in the eyes of other people, but he is actually not. He’s got a friend right in his hands who brings him a discount ticket to faraway places, provides him some sort of ‘oil’ to make the cogwheels of his mind go wild with imagining, and touches his heart in a different way a physical friend can. Indeed, there’s intimacy in reading books.

Bad news: Time flies! Good news: I'm the pilot!

The first week of August rolled fast and eventful while I juggle school, Sentinel, stint work, and play with time management and lots of multivitamins. Tomorrow’s Saturday and I was glad to say that my mile-long list of to-do’s was halved already. The sense of satisfaction I feel at the end of the day, I think, contributed a lot in the set of smile-inducing dreams at night. :)

“Hedonistic Mondays” series continues, of course. I refer to it as the sweetest slice in my Time Management cake because…that’s the truth. Haha. I made it a point to give myself some time that I can enjoy, outside all the work and acads stuff. I’m not the typical shopping-party-gimmick girl; one definition of “happy times” in my dictionary is having lively convos with someone whom I share a lot of interests with. I’m glad to have a fanfic writer friend just two train rides away from me. :) Okay, so for the third time, I and Robyn chatted and dined at the ever-so-cozy Xocolat. Last Monday I managed to see practically everything in her laptop: the arts she commissioned, works in progress in her FFN account, GW fan-vids, a sneak peek at some Lafayette scenes in a True Blood season 3 episode (which is made of awesome), thesis-related files and all that jazz. She’s amazing. No Xocolat next Monday, she told me; we’re going to have our date at Teriyaki Boy. Yaay! *practices to pick something by using ballpens as chopsticks*

The slice that has the luscious maraschino cherry (lol) is the Sentinel. Well, the first issue should be completely laid out tonight. I went to school today to help our layout artist in designing the literary page, which we thought was hard at first. I really wish I knew everything about InDesign. LOL. Good thing old staffers passed by the office this afternoon and helped us, the pressure was sort of diminished. We also discussed some Imagginaccion issues. Pretty soon, I’m going to give this part the fattest slice.

For stint work…that constitutes the frosty icing. It gave me a migraine at first, but everything became so stress-free after I got the hang of the whole thing. For acads, which is the fleshiest part…I think it’s all going alright at the moment. August 19’s the start of the midterm exams so I really need to zero in on studies soon. :O

I’m planning to reenter fanfiction writing and extreme bookworming (lol) in the later part of the month...even if it’ll just be the sprinkles on the top of the cake. I hope I can do that. LOL.

So that’s it for an RL update. It’s really true that when you love your work, it doesn’t feel like working at all. I’m quite enjoying my juggling performance at our real life’s Big Top. :D

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Fic Fragment

Because I miss fanfic writing so freaking bad, I'm posting here a fragment of a story I wrote months ago, in hopes that it can ignite my vim for being active in the fandom again. This weekend would be the best for fic writing, I think.

This is a convo between a fifteen-year-old Quatre and seven-year-old Dorothy.


"Do you think I'm real?" Quatre asked.

"Honestly, mister, I thought you were from the fairytales."


"Uh-huh. There's a lot of magic there, you know. I thought you're the boy version of Cinderella: you should be home before midnight so when the magic disappears," she lowered her voice, "no one will see. Maybe that's why you vanished with the help of Fairy Godmommy. And I'm Princess Charming, and I will have to find you after I failed on following you, but you didn't leave your shoe or anything so I can't look for you."

Quatre laughed. He laughed harder when she blushed.

"Are you not a Prince?"


"Well, I still thought about the Little Prince because he came from the stars, and I met you in a colony." She looked down, her face clouds. She then saw her move, made it, and flashed a triumphant smile at him. "Checkmate!"

"Yes," he clapped. "Little Miss Chess Queen du jour."

"Thank you," she breathed, turning pinker with pride. "But you are real, aren't you?"

"Yeah. I think so."

"It makes me kind of wonder about fairytales. I mean, if you're real, why can't they be considered real, too?"

He wrinkled his eyebrows at the innocent question as he watched ennui hitting her, making her build a small mountain of the chess pieces. "Maybe they're real, or some little thing in them is real and people just added to it, you know?"

"Like Cinderella's Fairy Godmommy is actually a great seamstress and fashion stylist!"

"And Sleeping Beauty is in a coma."

"And Jack the beanstalk guy is a real terrific gardener!"

"And the Big Bad Wolf is a leader of a demolition team."

"And the third piggy is a successful architect!" She shook her head. "Poor first two piggies."

"And you really are Dorothy Gale, and Oz is…" Quatre faltered, quite surprised at the reckless words that flew out his mouth. That wasn't exactly a good example…

"Oz is not a place where I am lost," Dorothy continued moonily. "It is my home and I'm safe there, that's why Papa talks good things about it. There are a few Wicked Witches there though. They keep on clinging to Papa like leeches because Mama is with Mama Mary and the angels now."

Quatre watched her spin one of the white bishops like a top. Her face was blank.

"I'm sorry to hear about your mother," he said apologetically. His heart began banging against the walls of his chest, and his eyes stung. He willed the images of his own childhood to go away, the times he wasted being a wet-behind-the-ears space rebel, the face of his father…

"Don't be," she winked, although her smile was a little sad around the edges. "I'm sure Mama is happy playing with God's cloud attendants."


Wednesday, August 4, 2010

First 10 (anime meme)

I'm supposed to be hitting the sack right now, but I suddenly stumbled upon this meme at LJ and I can't resist trying it. LOL. It's been a long time since I did a meme. I'm considering doing a 30-day Inception meme, but this is easier and I miss GW. Prolly next time. I won't do it one post each day though, because I'm a fickle person and it'll make my blog a clutter of fandom fragments. I'm trying to keep it organized. :P After this, I'll log out. Swear.

Day 1 - Your first anime
*human memory log crashes* gah, I can't remember! If you count those Japanese cartoons they aired in the morning (of late 90's), prolly it's one of those. :)

Day 2 - Favorite anime you’ve watched so far
Hands down: Gundam Wing. :)

Day 3 - Your anime Crush
Trowa Barton really, though everyone who knows me will tell you it's Quatre Winner that I like. Quatre can be a real notorious sap sometimes, so I'd really go for Trowa. Haha. Well, Trowa has his bad moments...but what the hell. He'll be fun to throw knives at when I'm bored. :P

Quatre and Trowa

Day 4 - Anime you’re ashamed you enjoyed
LOL. I don't know if I've been ashamed of watching an anime, bad or not. XD

Day 5 - Anime Character you feel you are most like (or wish you were)
Relena Darlian from GW. I don't want to be like her for some reason, but I'm the most stubborn person I know and I always GO FOR WHAT IS RIGHT. Unlike some people I know, I'm happier in being right. :) I wish I were like Dorothy-ish (my friend Danika's my IRL Dorothy though, and that's more than enough so I'll be glad to be her Relena). I also find myself in Trowa Barton sometimes (maybe that's why I like him?), except that he's a tad more silent than me. You get what I mean. :D As for someone outside GW...some of my friends told me that I'm most like Hiraku Shindo from Magic Knight Rayearth. Some said I'm most like....pikachu. Haha kiddin'. :)

Day 6 - Most annoying anime character
Ash Ketchum in Pokemon? I don't know. Gary Stu stereotype. :D

Day 7 - Favorite anime couple
QuatrexDorothy of course, backed by this ficjourn. :D There are days when I want TrowaxDorothy, though most of the time I just throw Trowa in my 4xD. Dang the creators for getting rid of every possible pairing for 03! I won't take incest, sorry...and though I admit I acknowledge 3x4 as being almost canon, I don't really root for them. XD Hmm, outside GW, I sort of like KureixKurenai (Flame of Recca), which is sort of weird, I think. LOL. Others...ReccaxSakoshita, SakuraxSyaoran, MisaxLight,

Day 8 - Most epic scene ever
In GW, the day Quatre went berserk after his father got killed in front of him. Dang, his laugh is hair-raising. Anyone who watched Death Note (English dub) will recognize Kira's epic laugh here. Brad Swaile is the man!

Day 9 - Saddest anime scene
Ending of the Grave of the Firelfies. Next to that were the Chiaki's good bye in The Girl Who Leapt Through Time and the "letters scene" in Five Centimeters Per Second. I don't watch tear-jerking anime series actually, so those are the saddest I can give.

Day 10 - Favorite slice of life anime
None. I don't watch much anime shows that fall under that category.