Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Three Favorite Authors (atm)

Dear Neil Gaiman,

You don’t know how much you inspire me. :) I can’t remember when exactly I entered your realm, but I think that doesn’t matter now. Whenever I read something you wrote, I feel like a wizard’s apprentice: every word is a magical spell I need to learn how to cast properly, every character an anthropomorphic representation of my emotions I often fail translating into words. Your ink’s the potion, your pen’s the wand—with all of these, I did not just enjoy every masterpiece, I also learned to “trust my dreams…and trust my story.”
I’ll be a writer like you someday.


Dear Haruki Murakami,

Really, why so awesome? Your hypnotic worlds have been my favorite refuge for years, and I enjoy the company of your eccentric characters. Poignant, morbid, weird, hilarious…you mix up all these themes and produce one of the best drugs in my literary world. You. Are. Simply. Addicting. I have to admit that I find most Japanese works weird—some of their gory movies like that pointless Tokyo Gore Police and random short fictions, I just could not fully grasp their meanings whatsoever.

It just so happened that your weirdness clicked with mine. :D *high fives*


Dear Chuck Palahniuk,

You have this kind of literary magnet that I don’t fully comprehend—and I like it. I don’t usually like overly crass narration and whatnot, but you still managed to get me engrossed, gluing my eyes to your book until I reach the last page. What’s your secret? Where do you get your inspiration?

Your writing prowess is raised to the tenth power. :D You freakin’ rock. Accompany me again before I hit the sack *places Diary and Pygmy on the bedside table*

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