Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Eventful (Start of the) Week

Technically it's not the end of the week yet, but it kicked off with quite a good bunch of activities that somehow forecasts how eventful the following days will be. Or so I think.

Monday, the first meeting of this year's Sentinel staff. Hopefully there won't be any 'heavy' problems aside from the real business of the paper. *hint hint* Haha. Also, I met the assistant literary editor, Raisa, and we talked about how we'll prepare the page. She's smart and easy to work with (loves poetry and books too, so we definitely click together as a team).

Later in the afternoon I went to Katipunan to meet one of my co-fanfic writers, Robyn. I found the National Bookstore in Katipunan--our meeting place--cute, just a small store but with wide selection of books; I might visit there again one time, since I spotted Chuck Palahniuk's Lullaby there as well as the Absolute Sandman volumes. Anyway, I and Robyn dined in the cozy Xocolat, where we ate a freaking lot (had to take out some viands because I'm too full) and stayed for at most three hours. We chatted about fanfics and school lives and whatnot (with some occasional side comments on the PDA-ing couples nearby). She gave me her spare copy of The Last Outpost and chatted some more about fandoms. Dang, I wish I can watch more series like her. Clock, please have more than 24 hours? XD

In the future I wish there will be a worldwide fanfic writers meet-up day. :) Robyn's just one of the few Filipino fanfic writers that I know. Every one else lives in the other side of the globe.

I got home at 9PM already, and since the internet's acting up, I went to sleep a bit disgruntled and tired. The next day I have to get up early because I need to update our literary theme for the first Sentinel issue. I discussed a few matters with Raisa, posted our finalized theme on the corkboard, gabbed for some minutes with some of the staffers, and off I went to the moviehouse alone. XD What can I do? I want to see Inception so bad and my little sister don't want to come with me. It's the first time I watched a movie alone, but it didn't matter much: the movie's one heck of a mind-bender you have to pay close attention in order to know what's really happening. The recurring theme is a dream within a dream within a dream. I like how it's structured, and gosh I love the Arthur's fistfight scene in zero gravity. Darn, so kick-ass! XD Would try to review the movie some other time. I just remember we have prelim exams on statistics tomorrow. Ugh.

In the next days, my calendar will be filled up with more Sentinel-related stuff. I tried my best to cram some time for myself on the first two days of this week because I kind of foreseeing that I won't be able to do that once thesis writing begins for real and the Imagginaccion competition nears.

Tata for now. :)

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