Thursday, June 10, 2010

Bookworm-Juggernaut. Nothing stops it. :)

I purchased all these books for only 10php each. :) One of the staff writers of Center for Media Freedom and Responsibility (CMFR), the company where I’m having my practicum, has heaps of boxes containing old books she’d read. She sold some books to us interns. I think the original plan is to donate them somewhere, but we were asked first if we want to buy them. :D

First book I secured—the interns were attacking the stacks like hungry hyenas, seriously—is Michael Crichton’s Next. I first saw this book last year in National Bookstore (Tutuban) and it’s worth 375php. Lucky me, yeah? I think Miss Lara bought this in Bangkok, as indicated in the price tag and the bookmarks inside. I was quite intrigued by Crichton after I discovered he wrote Jurassic Park. I’ve been wanting to check him out, but Gaiman books that I haven’t read yet would turn up under my nose and the next thing I remember, I’m clutching a a plastic-full of Gaiman goodness. Crichton’s forgotten. XD I’m glad I was able to buy this at such a heavenly price. :D

Next find is a book by the renowned author of His Dark Materials, Philip Pullman. I’ve heard a lot of positive feedbacks about his books. Might give him a try this time, and the first work I’ll read is Count Karlstein.
The Dumas Club involves something about authentication of a manuscript by Alexandre Dumas. I think it’s quite investigative and has something to do with paranormal and related stuff. :3 I’m wondering if I’ll read this first after I finish Fragile Things.

I have to secure the John Updike book carefully because a co-intern from UP really wanted it. Well, I wanted it too LOL. I have the e-books of The Robber Bride andShe’s Come Undone because I couldn’t obtain the real thing before; now they’re here. Serendipity much? :D

It’s going to be the first time I’ll be reading something by Jordan Dane and Stendhal. Hope they’re good! Another book that is not in the photo, Wanderlust, is borrowed by our neighbor…I have this feeling that I will never see that book again. LOL.

No matter how busy I may be, bookworming won’t stop. :D

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