Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Another GW lifeline


Last April I got this news from a friend saying that there’s a new GW novel to be published. Of course I did not believe it at first (why, I’ve encountered so many hoaxes before) so I sought for the official announcement in the internet about the book. It did not take me long to know it’s abso-freaking-lutely true, since the news already stirred the GW fan sites I’ve been frequenting.

After fifteen long years, after thinking that this fandom will finally pop its clogs, after just fangirling and sharing fanworks in forums and fan sites, then comes this new spin-off, appearing in front of us like the glimmering silver lining of dark, heavy mammatocumulus clouds. *smacks self for the exaggerated analogy*
But seriously, it means there’s a new lifeline for the fandom, yes? It’s still going to be alive. I doubt that the novel would be set after Endless Waltz, where the narrator indicated that mobile suits were never seen again after the People Power-like events in the movie. But then again, you remember what he said: “As long as there are humans, there will always be wars/fighting.” About time the creators justify that statement via a new novel.

I really miss the show, and it’s been months since I last wrote a fic for it. Plot bunnies are leaping about, but I still have to find time to write it down and end the long hiatus at FFN. I wonder how the writers there are able to produce stories so fast…maybe they’re some sort of automatons (LOL)? I hope that the novel will give hints, I don’t care no matter how subtle, for Quatre and Dorothy. YES, yes I ship this crack-ish pair, they’re my OTP (closely followed by 1xR), got any problems with that? *loads twin buster rifle*

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