Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Uneventful but Productive

Neil Gaiman everyday keeps boredom and bad dreams away! :D

Guess it’s time for another RL update.

April has been pretty run of the mill. We encountered some problems regarding our internship, but everything has been sorted out lately. We were supposed to start our OJT at Cedar Media, a tri-media company Sir Gil Santos referred us to, this week but we postponed it because of some matters getting in the way (I mean that one went down like a lead balloon—I received a text message early in the morning saying ‘you may start this afternoon’ and well, we were kind of swamped recently *teehee* we were waiting for other companies to respond and a classmate’s going in Cavite for Confirmation).

This does not mean the work does not start today, though. I’m currently working on a narrative report about Masbate and the vote-buying and one-day-millionaire system that abound in it during elections period, and my deadline is on Thursday. Sir Peter and other staff members will leave for Masbate on Friday for field research. So far I don’t know what other parts we will play in this documentary-making, but I hope they will let us explore other aspects of the project aside from writing.

We also applied for OJT in three other journalism-related companies last week. I hope one will consider us…we are not actually planning to finish our OJT in Cedar (we have been promised full immersion in the project but we’re kinda…uh, skeptical about it…but what the hell, we can’t be picky lol!).

Anyhoo, our Cedar sched will only fill in small portions of our day so I guess it won’t hurt to apply for another OJT. *smiles sheepishly*

So basically, without anything else to do, I spent the whole month of April bookworming, tumblr-ing, and writing. Neil Gaiman and a tall glass of Halo-halo is a perfect combo on scorching hot afternoons; I can’t remember a day getting bored when these two are in my hands. I haven’t started J.D. Salinger’s The Catcher in the Rye yet because I’m still binging on Good Omens (Gaiman and Pratchett) and on American Gods (review coming soon)—I’m jotting down some quotable quotes and sketching fanarts for my favorite scenes. Do give these books a try, they are all worth the time! Pick Good Omens if you want something that will make you crack up every page and American Gods if you want something dark and heavy—man, I met almost all the deities in Norse, Egyptian…even in Arabian mythology! Nerdy time, yaay! Lol.

Anyway aside from the aforementioned activities, I have also commenced ‘attempting’ to beef up my résumé (lolol). As of yesterday I’ve joined two writing competitions—one’s children story writing (which I think is made of fail, I wrote that entry two hours before the deadline, half-asleep, fought writer’s block with all my might…just thinking about it makes my writer spirit pant LOL) and the other one's essay writing. I’m feeling no luck in winning either but they will still accrete my activities list on my résumé. Tonight I’m completing my entry for yet another competition; I have penned seven poems already—eight poems to go and I can finally submit the set. I’m also not expecting this to win, but who knows? I don’t. :P

I think reading a lot of books contributed a lot to my writings. Being an aspiring writer/journalist-in-training, I always make it a point to have three goals in my mind when reading: one, to enjoy the story; two, to scrutinize the style of the author; and three, to apply what I learned from what I read. In the end I always write a review or critical analysis of a piece to check myself and to keep practicing critical thinking—Sir Gil taught us that. It doesn’t mean I should stop analyzing just because I have already finished the course subject that required it. So far it’s getting better. I consider it a preparation for my thesis subject this semester.

Update ends here!
Mission accomplished.

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